Healthy Happy Moms with Plexus


Are you a Mom struggling with your health? Struggling to have enough energy to get through your day? I was there once myself!! And I thought I’d share a few stories of others who have had their lives changed because of Plexus!!

Kristy takes the TriPlex combo and shares this ~ After having my fourth child I had gained so much weight. Breastfeeding tacked on another 15lbs on my already over weight body. I was so devastated. I just remember being so disgusted with the way I looked, the way I ate, and having no self control when it came to junk food or any food for that matter! I have lost over 24 inches and about 36lbs in 5 months with the help of plexus, but the best part is my life has forever changed. I eat only whole wheat bread. I no longer live off of soda. I make Vegetables with every meal (something I NEVER did).
I no longer eat ground beef, only ground turkey. There’s always lots of fruit, and almost NO junk food (my kids still like their cookies) I no longer am addicted to all the sweets and junk food that ruled my life!!!
My life is FOREVER changed and I give all the glory to Christ Jesus, because He knew what I needed and brought it into my life!


infertility“After 6 years and 2 months of infertility with on and off infertility treatment we are finally expecting! I truly believe I owe Plexus a huge thank you for this due to bettered health. We had struggled for years between natural means, oral infertility meds, injection fertility medications and three failed IUI’s. With all our attempts we got 0 pregnancies. I was diagnosed after 4 of those 6 years of trying with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and my husband possible low count. If I would have known about PCOS sooner I could have diagnosed myself with it already back in the 5th grade. We were told these are your last options since you have already tried all the options we would normally go about now with this diagnoses: 1-no kids, 2-adoption, or 3-IVF. I was heart broken. My dream was to be a mom since I was a child. I run my own Childcare preschool and all, children are my life. This was the hardest time I have went through in my life. It might not seem like much but it is, when it’s your dream and you can’t have it, it’s heart wrenching. My husband and I struggled to agree on IVF or not…I felt it was about to tear us apart. It took us a long time to recover from this hard time but we made it through. Then I found Plexus in November 2012. I started with just Plexus Slim/accelerator combo. I was in love! My ovarian pains (cyst covered ovaries) were getting better, my other signs and symptoms of PCOS were diminishing! Also I had planters warts on my feet that for years even with doctor treatments wasn’t taking care of them, even those diminished after like two weeks! I was losing weight (slow but loosing) and feeling great! I tested for candida yeast and was positive. I added probio5 and the bio cleanse. This combination of plexus products was a blessing!! I was feeling even better yet! I was shrinking the few lbs I needed to lose (doctor said I was ok weight wise but if I lost 8lbs to bet in the right bmi that could up my chance of a miracle a little bit but with me being close to the right bmi he didn’t think it would make a difference). Well I wound up in the end being 37.5 ibs!! This put me in the perfect bmi area of the chart and now my PCOS was under control as well!!!! I was even getting my cycles on my own naturally without medication to induce them (this was not happening prior to plexus)! YAY! So all was well, cycles were regular, I was ovulating on my own and having signs of great fertility during this time, so I waited to be blessed with a positive test …it still took some time, but I wasn’t loosing hope, for plexus had already brought me so far! Oh I forgot to mention it also took away my head aches and lowered my bad cholesterol and upped my good cholesterol!!! SO I figured I’ll keep being patient for Plexus is working step by step to synchronize my body to health so I’m ready for my little pumpkin! Then X-Factor came out! My husband and I both started it! It’s amazing!!!! Then a few months later…we are expecting!!!! I did add two herbs to my diet as well but I had tried herbs before and they didn’t’ work, I feel it was because at that point in time my body wasn’t where it needed to be! It needed more than one herb to kick my body in gear!! Plexus I strongly believe did so for me! On my two early ultrasounds the dr told me my cysts are clear!!! The only thing left on my ovaries was one spot on my right side which is where my egg ovulated from! Clear!! Yes, my cysts are gone!!! I’m blessed to have found Plexus and to have gotten news of expecting during my plexus journey. My doctor and I agree the blend of X-factor may have played a part in my ability to become pregnant, that maybe on top of PCOS I was lacking something that Xfactor helped fill. She is even having me use the X-factor as a prenatal and alternate it with a prescription prenatal every other day, only reason to that is to get the little bit of vitamin A and Iron in that’s in a prenatal but she didn’t want me to lose the effects of the X-factor (Also added folic acid and DHA)! I was also able to know I was pregnant as soon as I implanted because with Plexus I was feeling so so so good! When I started feeling like crap I knew something was up!!!! Plexus is a blessing to my life in so many ways! Don’t give up!!! If it seems to be taking longer than you wanted, don’t loose faith, sometimes the best of things like a little extra time. I’m so glad I didn’t give up or I wouldn’t be expecting my miracle today. Give Plexus the time it needs to transform your whole body to health and good things may be around the corner. I was satisfied with just the non scale victories I had. The weight lost was a bonus. My little baby, he’s the icing on the cake! I Thank God each day for my pregnancy and for leading me to Plexus.” ~Danielle


cassie1Cassie is a friend of mine, (I met her in the airport on the way to the Plexus Convention.) She is due just a few weeks before I am, with her 3rd boy. She is living life to the fullest!!! Even thought it’s the middle of summer and this beautiful friend is 27 weeks pregnant, keeping up with two toddler boys, and feeling awesome!
It you could feel awesome while growing your baby by getting rid of some discomfort(s), what would they be?cassie This first picture is of her experience with Plexus products at the beginning of her pregnancy. (Click on picture to read the fine print. It’s worth it!!!)

“On to the 3rd Trimester! (Update on Pregnant with Plexus, her 27 wk update!!)
As is common with pregnancy the second trimester can be the “easy one”, and mine was a dream!! I will say that my biggest struggle in my second trimester with previous pregnancies was leg cramps, restless leg syndrome and over all body aches and pains! My hips and back would ache all the time and normally by this point I would be visiting the chiropractor on a weekly basis!
NOT THIS TIME! I haven’t been to the chiropractor since week 15 after I fell down some stairs… I only have restless leg or leg cramps if I forget to take my BioCleanse in the evening! My overall feelings of inflammation or achenes have been pretty much ZERO! My weight gain is PERFECT! My doctor was so excited to hear about Plexus she asked how she could order some and is now on her month 3 of taking the triplex!!!
Did I mention I feel great? I have awesome energy and my two toddlers haven’t slowed me down yet!!” -Cassie Goossen


MorganAnd then there was this report from Morgan Ingram that I just had to share as well:

“What life looks like now:
-I have no issues digesting pork or beef any longer.
-I was diagnosed with asthma 5 years ago and have always struggled with keeping it away using an inhaler. NO MORE ASTHMA. I threw the inhaler out months ago and haven’t needed it since.
-On bitterly cold or damp days, any injuries I acquired through dancing in high school would ache terribly. We had a cold winter, but my body was fine.

+My hair has grown SO MUCH! I get countless compliments on how long and healthy my hair (and skin) looks. I can’t remember a time my hair looked this good.
+No fatigue. Not even when my 14 month baby girl lets me have 5 hours of sleep.
+I have had 1 mini migraine caused by a pinched nerve in my neck that the chiropractor fixed and 1 tiny one while detoxing. The 2nd day I started Slim, my 30 day migraine stopped.
+Haven’t had heart palpitations since, at least, November.
+Allergies? Not even to CATS!
+No brain fog
+No dizziness
And my biggest success: I’VE GAINED WEIGHT! I was down 5 lbs after a battle with the flu the middle of December and I am up 6 lbs from that time which leaves me only 9 lbs away from my target goal. Praise God!!! Plexus works if you give your body time to heal and nourish itself with the products.

PS This photo is from a recent 3300 mile trip with my family… 10 days of on the go travel and Slim kept me going!”



wendy's“For over a year, I was a skeptic. Although I watched my friends and family lose weight, become healthier and gain financial freedom, I was sure a “diet drink” could not be responsible for the changes. I thought of all the reasons it could not, would not work for me.

During my pregnancy, I had struggled with fungus/yeast. After the birth of my son, I wanted to try some natural healing to keep flare-ups at bay. I decided to try Plexus (Slim, ProBio5 and XFactor) only because my trusted friend, Wendy Larson, recommended the products. I knew that as a Certified Natural Health Professional, Wendy would only consume or recommended healthy choices, so I decided to take a leap of faith in January 2015, and the results have astounded me. I’m done with thyroid medication after almost 10 years of daily use. I have lost 25 pre-baby pounds and returned to my high school weight. My moods have become more stable and I have more energy. My skin is blemish free, with not a single cold sore in six months. My hair is growing beautifully. I feel like a better person, mommy and wife.

After taking Plexus products for five months, I had a profound moment. It occurred when I was leaving a Plexus meeting and stopped me in my tracks. God stirred in me a desire to be more and give more. Somehow I had “settled” into my fantastic life and forgot to keep learning and growing. I was afraid. Afraid of trying and failing, of reaching for a goal and coming up short, of being harshly judged or not worthy of success. I needed to be brave. I have seen what Plexus has done for me, inside and out and I want it to be amazing for you too. Good health is a gift!”

Want more info?? Contact me!! Or go to my Plexus Website.

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Do I Still Have Lyme??…

It is a question I get asked, and asked a lot!! There is no easy answer, neither is there a short answer. So I’ll try to tell what I see happening and update you all in my health since I have been on Plexus products for over 1 1/2 yrs now.

First, do I still have lyme? I don’t know. And I don’t know how to answer that. Many ask about blood tests. I only had one lyme test done back in Oct ’10. I looked back at that post, thinking I would have more info on the test results, but there wasn’t. I know I had 2 or 3 of the main/big markers for lyme. So yes, I had a very positive lyme test. What I don’t know, is if it is still active, dormant or gone. I haven’t had any blood tests recently, nor do I plan to have one. I avoid Drs. at all cost if posible. And I’m not really sure what it would prove at this point.

I haven’t had my thyroid tested again either. Or my adrenals. I haven’t had any contact with the lady I was working with 2 yrs ago dealing with those things. She pointed me in the right direction for a lot of things, adrenal fatigue and MTHFR were the main ones.

I don’t think I ever mentioned having MTHFR on my blog before. It is a gene defect that is not widely known, but it is pretty common. And can easily be tested through a blood test. And many have it that may not realize it, it is hereditary. I have the Compound Heterozygous, which is MTHFR 677CT + MTHFR 1298AC = a compound heterozygous mutation which is one mutation from two different parts of the gene. And that one is very likely to be passed on… so my boys most likely have it as well.

MTHFR stands for ‘methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene’. I am not sure how much I should try to explain here… it might be best if you would just go to and research and study it for yourself, What is MTHFR?. In a nutshell, the function of the MTHFR gene is simply to produce the MTHFR enzyme. However, if the MTHFR gene is mutated, the enzyme produced is not entirely correct. The MTHFR gene is responsible for making a functional MTHFR enzyme. If the MTHFR gene is slightly altered (mutated), the MTHFR enzyme’s shape becomes distorted. Enzyme function depends a lot on shape. It is similar to the grooves on a key. If the grooves on a key are slightly different than the lock, the key may fit and turn the lock a little but it does not unlock the door.

The function of the MTHFR gene is simply to produce the MTHFR enzyme. However, if the MTHFR gene is mutated, the enzyme produced is not entirely correct.

The genetic code of the MTHFR enzyme must be perfect in order for it to function properly. A dysfunctional MTHFR enzyme may lead to a slew of health problems.

And here is a link to a list of symptoms that may be related to MTHFR. And it is very probable that it is the reason I had 2 miscarriages before carrying to term. And that I have 4 healthy boys and one on the way is a miracle!!!  I don’t understand it all, but enough that I know I need to take folate (folic acid) in a different form so as to by-pass the defect. In other words, my body can’t process folic acid, or B vitamins, and maybe other things. And avoiding it in processed foods is very helpful as well. Along with avoiding dairy, and gluten.

So why do I bring all this up now? Well, I had been taking all the proper forms of vitamins and methylfolate (the form a person with MTHFR can use of folic acid). But they are spendy. And we were using Plexus products and having great results with that. So I really wanted to try going without my other vitamins and just use Plexus products. So I quit them about a yr ago, Spring ’14. Well, as much as I didn’t want to admit it, by fall I was beginning to drag. But I didn’t know why. Oh, I still felt MUCH better than I had in recent yrs. But it wasn’t the same zip I had been feeling in the spring. Well, it took until Dec. to start connecting the dots… I NEEDED those other vitamins.

So in Jan. I bit the bullet and ordered prenatal with the vitamins I needed in a form my body can use. Little did I know how perfect the timing all was. By the end of Feb. I realized I was pregnant and had no clue how far along I was. Turns out, I got pregnant about the time I started those vitamins. Well, morning sickness was setting in, and I knew that with Karson I had started the proper forms of B Vitamins and within a wk or 2 my queasiness was gone. SOOooo, I bit the bullet again and ordered those B vitamins. And yep, within 2 wks I was feeling like a new person again!!! My energy was back and I was feeling GREAT!!! And I haven’t really slowed down since!! I feel sooooo good. Well, until my hubby forgot my prenatal & B vitamins when we were in CO. My energy was fast going down each day. But within a couple of days of being home and back on the vitamins, I am feeling great again.

And this has been good for me… studying into this whole MTHFR thing for this post. I am learning more too. And may make some small changes that might help further.

So I found out I NEED those vitamins!!!! But saying that… I am still taking the XFactor, 1 capsule with the 3 pills of prenatal I am taking. There is aloe in the XFactor that I know is also helping my body absorb the vitamins. (Yellow pee anyone? I’m still observing this, so I’ll update this post when I know more. And I may stop it again, I need to see…)

Now, as far as the rash I have talked about in other posts… I STILL have it. I am still trying to figure out just what causes it. I have a rash and I have a problem with breaking out in itchy bumps, mostly on my hips/stomach, that drive me NUTS!!! I will scratch til they bleed. So for the last 2 months or so, I have completely cut out dairy, along with gluten. Both of them I had been greatly limiting, but found it so hard to cut completely! Well, I finally was like, I HAVE to get to the bottom of this. I don’t want to deal with candida with another newborn. I have actually found it easier to just say NO to it ALL, then try to limit it. It’s so easy to just have a little here and a little there, it soon adds up. And I have some family members that are finding out there are really sensitive to dairy products too. So… I’m thinking I may just have to adapt to this new normal more permanently than I had hoped.

Well, it was really helping. But then I would randomly get flare-ups. And I could not figure out why. So I started watching just what it was that I was eating differently. And there are a few things I am watching out for… I was using natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, and lots of nuts/nut products in baking and such. So I cut out all nuts first, including coconut. And still was breaking out, though maybe not as much, but still more than I liked. So in the past 2 wks I decided the other sweeteners needed to go too.

I find it interesting how I keep piecing things together… slowly. You’d think I’d understand it all by now. And many times I just wish I would have stuck with my rad diets way back when we first started. By now, I’d be leaps & bounds further ahead. So what is at the bottom of all this?? Candida!! And as I cut out more and more of it’s food sources, it screams and reacts harder and louder. NOT a fun thing to go through. But I am determine to get through it all!! I am SO thankful for Probio5, an awesome probiotic that also kills candida, at the same time. It is doing so much for me. And the BioCleanse, that is hauling out the junk. Believe me, I need more than the recommended amount to keep on top of all the junk, and all the hauling out it needs to do.

So, primarily, I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama diet. While I don’t agree with everything they promote, a lot of their recipes are ones I can eat. Making it easier on me. And it is keeping my weight gain at a slower pace than normal, which I am very happy with. For a while I was sorta worried, as by 20 wks I had only gained 3lbs. But my midwife is not concerned, so I’m not either. Since then, my weight has gone up a bit more. But just cutting out glutens and dairy helps so much in that area.

Sunday in church, my hubby was looking at a photo book I had made for Collin back when he was Karson’s age – 1.5 yrs. old. There was an engagement picture and one when Collin was almost 1 yr old, with me on it. Delvyn was right away like, ‘You were chubby’. So I started comparing both pictures of me. Sure my face was fatter in the later picture, but I was still more filled out in the first, too. And that would have been at a much lower, pre-wedding, weight then my lowest weight post baby with Karson when many thought I would blow away. I realized just how much inflammation & junk my body must have been dealing with already at that point, before I got married at 20, almost 21 yrs old. I had really wanted to get down to my wedding weight, but it just wasn’t happening. But my face and body was slimming down more than I realized. So I was ‘losing inches, not lbs’. Which really is the best way to go!! And the inflammation is gone, I am sure it is what was causing the swelling in my face.

Another thing that has been a chronic issue of mine, that I never mentioned, as I didn’t think much of it. But my nose runs constantly!! Then in Feb. I had the boys to the dentist. He asked if one of the boys had a chronic stuffy nose. He had lots of tarter build up for a child his age, a sign of dairy intolerance. Hmmm, he didn’t have a stuffy nose, but I sure did!! And that was part of my jump into no dairy. And guess what, it has greatly helped my nose. I should not say stuffy, but just randomly runs, and runs often. We went through LOTS of Kleenex. But now, it is not nearly so bad. And I’m sure it will keep getting better with time. Time away from dairy!

Last night as I was laying in bed, I realized I wasn’t scratching the life out of my sides and stomach. And it suddenly dawned on me… I don’t have many itchy bumps driving me nuts!! Oh, yay!!!! I AM on the right track!! I am getting somewhere!!! It makes me so happy. And I know it is all gonna be worth it!!

Oh, on another note, going back to the lyme thing. I do know this, that if I am getting all stressed out over something, or if life is really crazy/full/changes, to many late nights, I will feel more fatigued, and my hip will start aching again. My brain will start feeling foggy and I feel like it is all connected. Mostly, it is my allowing my immune system to get run down again, so the weak areas show their weakness. It happens less and less, and the symptoms are less as well. So I know my body continues to heal and regain it’s health. And I am so thankful for that!!!

This is feeling a bit disjointed, guess that’s what you get from taking too long to write it all out. But the more I researched, the more I am learning, mostly on the MTHFR side of it. I want to keep digging and try some different things out, change it up for myself.

I just love learning, researching, understanding our bodies and how they work. Truly we are ‘Fearfully and Wonderfully Made’!!!!

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The Cow in the Oven & Other Random Tails…

One day Collin was pulling his lunch from the oven, and for some reason Rylen had thrown a small plastic cow at Collin at the same time. It hit him on his head and of course went right into the oven. Oh, my, you would have thought the house was on fire!!! At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on… Until between the breathy words I figured out there was a cow in the oven!! And why would it land in some easy place to retrieve it? Of course it had to slide right down in the vent thing on the bottom of the oven. And it took some digging to get the little thing out. I was just thankful we had been using the broiler and not the oven part. So it was not in danger of melting, and it was only a tad warm in there.

I often have to listen really hard to discover whether they are talking of actual barn happenings or just playing. Collin just walked in the door from doing calf chores and asked, ‘Anyone else calve?’ I was like, ‘Whhaa?’ *you are the one who just walked in from the barn* ‘Oh, yes, # so & so, and # so & so just did’, Jevan replied. (I forget the numbers that were rattled off.) ‘Ok. What else has been happening?’ ‘Well, these need to get trimmed. And these are just dried off.’ ‘You know, I think we should just start over!!’ Ok, then. Farm reorganization coming right up!! I’ll send Karson in. He makes an awesome tornado!!

‘You can tell the difference between a human & a cow. A cow goes a whole lot faster!!’ -Collin

‘When the computer wakes up, it’s gonna be gassy!!’ – Jevan, on a Sunday morning

One day the boys were playing ‘prisoner’. One gets beaten, I didn’t catch why. But then he is thrown into jail (a nearby closet). Soon I hear, from the dark recesses of said closet, ‘God! Jesus! Please help me!!!’ ‘Jesus’, he says again loudly, ‘are you there?’ The guard quickly rushes in & hauls him off to be beaten again. (I’m never sure what to think of re-enactments like this!!)

One day I told Jevan, ‘Tomorrow you are gonna go with Dad to get heifers.’ ‘Yeah, I know. We are gonna get Steer’. ‘A steer? There aren’t any steers up there,’ I said surprised! He knows what is raised at the heifer raiser! ‘Mom, it’s Steer!! A heifer who is so mean, we call her Steer!!’

Karson was fussy and grumping around. Finally Jevan had enough and firmly told him, ‘Karson, we are farmers. And farmers don’t cry!!’ -May ’15

Overheard while sitting in the van one evening, waiting on dad… ‘When I get married, and after my wife has my kids, I’m just gonna get rid of her.’ -Unnamed

‘WHO farted??!!!?!????!!! Why didn’t you just empty your tank at home?? -Unknown

‘Jevan, time to go to bed.’ Down the steps he goes. 2 minutes later he comes back up… ‘I don’t know what to do!’ ‘Ummm, GO to BED!!’, I said. ‘OH’, he replied!

Flash flood warnings out tonight! In the vicinity of 2 corners and stainless caverns. The was a large leak in faucet city that overfilled Lake Stockpot. Mr. Spider and Miss Dust Bunny have lost their homes. Many rushed to the scene to redirect water into proper channels, one of which, they unclogged the dam. The worst of it is over. (Thanks Collin!)

These are a bunch of quirps I have saved for a long time… no clue on dates. It’s been so long ago that I put them in here, I had to find them from many odd corners of my house.

And I just found a whole bunch more… these at least have the month and yr added to them. :) So that helps… I had to go back digging on my blog for my last ‘Homemade Humor‘ posts and make sure I didn’t repost things. And I was having merry fun rereading all the things those little boys of mine said. My dad loves reading these, and he made mention of them again today. So I thought it time to do another post of them. I don’t write stuff down nearly like I used use to. For one, they are getting older and the childish humor just isn’t there as much. But the BIG humor is coming…

Friday, the day after we got home from our trip to CO, Collin came in with a silly grin on his face and I knew he was up to something, but I had no clue what. ‘Mom, he said, ‘Grandpa’s have a Kabota’. ‘Umm, yeah’, I replied. ‘Where do you think I have been and how long do you think we were gone? Of course they have a Kubota.’ ‘I’m serious Mom!! They do.’ ‘So what’s the joke?’ I finally asked, realizing he had more up his sleeve. ‘They got a Kabota mower now too.’ He said with a merry laugh as he chortled his way out the door!! -June ’15

Anyway now for the quirps I’ve been saving for over a yr… er, 2 yrs!

I can’t see!! I got salt and pepper in my eyes!!! -Collin 4-30-12

There was a stray cat that showed up at our church one evening during revivals. It was obviously a house cat, she had a flea collar and a little collar with a bell. The children were all out playing, petting and holding her before the service. She snuck in the door a couple times with unsuspecting peoples. Soon after we were seated in our bench, Rylen looks at me with a silly grin and says, ‘I die meow.’ *he pats his stomach and licks his lips* ‘Eat meow, it nummm yum’. I figured he’s either really hungry or just plain gross!!!! -Rylen -May ’13

Mom, when I a high boy, I unna caught a doe! (High boy- Big boy. Hunt a doe.) – Rylen

Mom, when I a high one, I get a bue (blue) un (one) and go brummmm! (He wants a blue pickup when he grows up. -Rylen -Spring ’13

‘Make Jevan get down’. ‘Why?’ ‘He’s bugging. And I hate bugging me. It makes my head go wrong!’ -Collin -Spring ’13

I gave Jevan the bowl and scraper from making frosting to lick and enjoy. (The scraper was the kind the handle slides off of.) Collin comes along and sees him licking just the spatula end of the scraper, no handle in sight. ‘Jevan’, he exclaims, ‘You ATE the STICK?!?!?!’ -Collin -Spring ’13

‘Rylen, you are wearing my shirt’. ‘Uh uh!’ ‘Yes, it used to Jevan’s after it was mine. you know back in 1983!!’  -Collin -Spring ’13

Jevan reaches for a black marker. ‘Jevan, is your favorite color black?’ He just grins and starts to color his stars a deep black color. ‘Do you think starts are black?’ *Giggle* ‘If stars were black, you wouldn’t be able to see them.’ ‘Yeah! he replied, ‘Just open them up and you can!!’ -Jevan -Spring ’13

Rylen’s favorite sayings…

You tell him something he thought no knew about, or he tried to hide, etc, he says, ‘How hmm (you) know?’

If he wants to do something by himself he is quick to tell you, ‘No man help me!!’

We finally got him to start saying ‘Thank-you’ but it comes out- ‘Fank me’! -Spring/Summer ’13

He dearly loves his baby sibling growing within my belly… A lot of mornings he will crawl into bed with me, pat my stomach and say, ‘G’Morn-in’ Su’shine. Time ‘ake up!’ -pregnant with Karson -Summer ’13

After asking about the baby and what it’s doing and such in my belly. I told the boys it’s just sleeping and floating in water in there. Rylen’s eyes get big and he says, ‘En a BOAT in der??’ -Summer ’13

Jevan was fiddling with Collin’s octopus, and suddenly he says ‘Collin. I have something to tell you.’ Collin comes over and says, ‘I did something too.’ And at the same time they tell each other, ‘I took a leg off the octopus’. (This was one of those things that absorb water and grow the longer it is in there. And they were both feeling guilty for tearing off a leg.) -Aug ’13

‘It’s raining!’ ‘Good, we need the rain.’ I said. ‘But I don’t see any rain drops.’ – Jevan – 9-’13

After noting the mess of toys, bikes etc. across the lawn, I commented to the boys, ‘This place sure looks like it has kids living here.’ ‘They all looked at me funny, so I explained what I seen. Jevan dryly remarks, ‘Yeah, but we should be piggies.’ – Jevan -9-’13

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Feeling Incredibly Thankful and Blessed

20150613_163002There are times you wonder if God really is working…

I mean, others tell you they see changes, see growth, see progress. And it is so encouraging! But when you are the parent it is hard to see your child’s growth and changes. You are in the nitty-gritty of life, teaching, correcting, building up, and so many times it seems like there are more steps backwards than forward!!

I have known I did not have the heart of my oldest son, age 10. And it hurt. It was for more than one reason. One beings my health was poor for so long, many others stepped into my role as ‘mom’. It hurt to see him go to others the way he should be going to me, but there wasn’t much I could do. And then, my heart wasn’t right towards him either. I had so much pain, hurt, and fears. I really didn’t know how to train him, or keep and guide his heart.

But for the past few months, I have seen slow progress, changes, that made me really hope his heart was turning towards me.

Today, God showed me just how much his heart has turned towards me. I know he can feel my love in ways he never did before and he wanted to show me his love!! I literally got choked up when he came in with his gift for me. Seeing his brilliant smile, his heart full of love for me – his MOM!!!

The 4 boys went with Grandma to a Grand Opening for a bulk food store half hr away. I sure enjoyed my time alone, and got lots done! But I was happy to see then come home again. I didn’t notice what Collin had done, just seen him walking back out of the flowerbed. Then about the time he walked in the door, I seen a new, HUGE hanging pot of flowers on the flower pole in the flowerbed.

20150613_162946He quickly asked, ‘Mom, did you see what I got you?’ ‘Yeah’, I answered. ‘They are really pretty!! And it’s so big!!’ ‘Mom, I didn’t get you a birthday gift, (which was back in April), so I told Grandma I’m getting you these!! It only cost $39.99!!’ ‘Oh’, I said in surprise! ‘Maybe you should go get your money to pay Grandma back then.’ To which he happily went to retrieve the cash.

She was surprised when he handed her the money. But I knew it was what he wanted to do!! When he came back in the door, he was beaming again. I looked at him, and he came towards me. ‘Collin’, I said, ‘you don’t know how happy you just made me!!! I love those flowers and I LOVE you!!’ He gave me a big hug, melting into me.

And the tears just flow now. I am so blessed. God knows just when we need these ‘God Hugs’!! The encouragement to keep going, we are doing the right thing. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much opposition we get from the devil. God IS working in my boy’s hearts!! And I am so blessed and humbled that He has entrusted me with 4 boys to raise & guide into Godly men. It is not of me, but God working through me. I could never do it without Him or without my wonderful husband who is doing an awesome job raising them too.


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Can I Be A Child? With No Fear?


Lots of thoughts have been rolling through my head… so much to learn. So much to think about. So much to grow in. So much I see needing done in my own life, not to mention the lives of my children. And yet, I know how much God isn’t expecting me to attain perfection right now. I can’t expect that of my children either.

The other day I had to smile to myself as a scene played out in the living room, while I was in the kitchen making breakfast. (And I hope someone doesn’t mind me using them. ;) ) And I couldn’t help but make correlations to it and our lives as Christians.

We had a special guest spend the night here Wed. night. The boys had been highly anticipating her arrival. Waiting all day. And randomly sitting out by the road, willing her to come. (They couldn’t seem to understand it would be after supper, in reality bedtime until she came!!) But that didn’t seem to stop them from talking about her. Looking forward to every little aspect of her coming. They talked about all they would tell her, everything they wanted to show her and whatever else they could think of.

Well, all but one child was sleeping when she finally came that night. So in the morning there was LOTS of happy chatter in the living room as they filled her in on all the happenings in their lives since they had last seen her.

Then Karson had woke up, late, as he has been this past week. The boys blasted back to his room to get him. They wanted him to share in their joy as well. And couldn’t wait to bring him out to this special guest. I right away told them not to push him. He would probably not remember her. And she even told the boys to give him time. Well, Karson watched his brother’s excitement, happy chatter, and had no fears!! He climbed right into her lap. And enjoyed all the happiness too.

As I thought about all this, it was like God was gently showing me a few things. And I was blessed. So I’ll try to share them with you too.

How many times am I actually like my boys? Anxiously waiting, anticipating and longing to spend time with Jesus. Do I look forward to that? With as much enthusiasm as they were? Do I lay aside all cares of time, and spend time preparing myself, as they did?

They had no fear!! No worries about how she would respond to them. What she would think of all their childish ways, or the mistakes they made. They chattered over each other and around her. They knew she would love them just as they were. They didn’t have to perform! I can be the same way with Jesus. No fears! No performance needed!! He just wants ME!! Just as I am!!

Then when Karson woke up, he was pulled right into the excitement. He may not have remembered her. But the lack of fear in those around him, made him feel safe and secure. And he trusted this new person too. Are we like that to others around us? Is our excitement contagious? Does it make others desire that fellowship too? Do they want to know our Savior in a personal way? Or do they sense fears in our lives and it makes them question things? Hesitating to know Him as Lord.

Fear has been such a big part of my life, that I see it or the lack of it easily in others around me, mostly my boys. And how it affects so many aspects of ones life. The control it has over lives. Not to mention how easily it can still grasp hold in my own life again. I need to stay alert and be ready to fight those battles of fears, not allowing them to grow roots in my heart again. I can be secure in my position in Christ. I don’t need to fear others, what they may think, how they may respond… the list could go on and on. I can BE ME!! Who Jesus wants me to be!! I don’t need to perform for Him!! How sweet that thought is!! There is freedom in Jesus! Power in His Name!!

This song, ‘Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies)’ has blessed me!!

I found David Wesley on Youtube this past week and have been so blessed by his songs. Check him out, you might find a blessing there for you as well.

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Whose Goals? Mine or God’s?

BinocularEver since I have read about this in a book, it has been going round and round in my head and I can’t stop thinking about it. Which is a good thing. And I decided to try and share it here. I hope I can explain it so you can understand without me having to write the whole chapter of the book. ha

We all have goals in life, things we want to do, places we want to go, personal growth we want to see happen, and the list goes on and on. But some times our best and most well laid plans for our goals are not in harmony with God’s plans and goals. Probably what has most gripped me in reading this chapter was the example he gave, and I’m just gonna rewrite it here, so you can, hopefully, understand what I am saying…

Suppose a wife and mother says, ‘My goal in life is to have a loving, harmonious, happy Christian family.’ Who can block that goal? Every person in her family can block that goal – not only CAN, they WILL! A homemaker clinging to the belief that her sense of worth is dependent on her family will crash and burn every time her husband or children fail to live up to her image of family harmony. She could become a very angry and controlling woman or a defeated victim of life’s circumstances. Either option could drive family members farther away from her and from each other.

For so long I was there… When my health crashed and I was no longer able to be the Mom in my dreams, accomplishing my ‘goals’ in life. I got depressed as well as feeling like a victim. It was not pretty.

‘When you base your future success on something that can never happen, you have an impossible, hopeless goal. Your depression is a signal that your goal, no matter how spiritual or noble, may never be reached. We can be depressed for biochemical reasons, but if there is no physical cause, then depression is often rooted in a sense of hopelessness or helplessness.

“Depression often signals that you are desperately clinging to a goal you have little or no chance of achieving, and that is not a healthy goal.”

Since I shared the Mother example, I’ll stay with that, but it really can be applied to any area of your life. But suppose my sense of worth depended on how my children turn out. If they start choosing independence from what I had planned for them, what does that do to me? I will start to manipulate and control them. Instead of remembering that parenting is an 18 yr long process of letting go. ‘The fruit of the spirit is self-control, not child control.’

People who control others  believe their sense of worth is dependent on other people and circumstances. It is a false belief, shown by the fact that the most insecure people you will ever meet at the manipulators and controllers.

So what has spoken so strongly to me, is this…. If God wants something done, or has a goal for my life, nothing will block the fulfillment of that goal!! God will not assign me goals that I can not achieve! I have needed to distinguish the difference of a godly goal from a godly desire.

A godly goal is any specific orientation that reflects God’s purpose for your life and is not dependent on people or circumstances beyond your ability or right to control.

I have found so much freedom and a new JOY in life as I have let go of my expectations and goals of others. And have sought God’s goals for my life. My days are no longer a struggle, stressful challenge to get through. As I give each day to God, and let Him lead and direct ME, I can be who He wants me to be. Not who I am trying to make myself out to be, or trying to make my family be, by coming in line with my goals, causing strife and discord.

‘Trials and tribulations can actually be the catalyst for achieving God’s goal for our lives, which is our sanctification.’

My one and only goal is to become the wife, mother, & Child of God that God wants me to be!! I want to allow difficulties to refine my goal of being the woman God wants me to be!! Every thing else has to come through God’s filter. If it doesn’t happen, I am learning not to stress about it. My days are sweeter, easier and joyful. And no, I have not ‘arrived’!! It is still a daily laying it down as I learn.

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have it’s perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James 1:2-4

*Excerpts from ‘Victory Over the Darkness’ by Neil Anderson

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::Sharing my Heart::

roseIt has been on my heart for a while now, and I really felt God ask me to write last wk, but it some how never got done. For one I am not sure how to say what I am feeling, and it always scares me to put my heart out there. I have always protected my heart, and guarded it very closely over the years. Life moves on, and I am growing, changing, allowing God to work in areas of my heart that I have kept even from Him. Although I would have told you God has complete control of my life. It really would not have been true. And I would not have really known that most of the time.

For years I have struggled with trust. Some of the closest people to me, and some very close friends, hurt me. My trust in people was shattered. I could share up to a point, and then that was it. Even so I talked. A lot! I often controlled the conversations. Lulls of silence bugged me, I felt insecure, I didn’t know where the conversation would go. So I would talk to fill the void. I find it hard to listen to others. And I am not proud of that fact. It is something I am working on, with God’s help. And it is one reason I had been silent so long, with few scattered posts in the past couple of years.

In many ways I felt like my faith was shaken. I was struggling in trusting God. The One person I should be able to tell everything to, I could not open up my heart and pour it out to Him. The one who cares the most!! And this is an area I am still growing in, and find hard too often.

I fought depression most of the years I was battling lyme. It was very hard to be positive and think straight when my body was in such a mess. There were times it would be better for a while, but then it always went down again. And my spiritual life followed the ups and downs. Many times I thought I should just have faith, power through it. It’s just in the mind. I know I can overcome this. And I could for a while, but it too never lasted.

It was like so many of the different things I tried in my journey to finding healing and gaining my health back. The different things would work for a while, but always, it would never get to the core issue.

So spiritually and physically, my life would go up and down, up and down. It was so wearying!! It would drain me. Many times it was like a yo-yo, I would feel like I was learning and growing spiritually, and I would think ‘Yes, this time I finally passed the test.’ But then my physical body would crash. I would have no energy, and I couldn’t do the things a ‘normal’ mom should be able to do. And I would begin to feel discouraged and attacked again. And it does not help me in one bit to have my house falling apart around me. When things are a super mess and dirty, oh, it fairly drives me nuts!!! There is a certain level of mess that is ok, and needs to be ok when you have littles. But when the mess is taking over the house, I can get really grumpy!! (Just being honest here.)

Then there would be times my energy would be coming back up, and I would feel good. I felt like spending time with God. I had energy to pursue a relationship, and so I would and life would be good for a while. Then my body would crash again. It was like I would go around and around and around again!!! One way or the other it would hinge on each other. How I longed for stability. For a less mountainous road. Oh, I don’t mind hills, and curves and such. But when it is hairpin turns and craggy, rocky peaks with sharp drop-offs, – that was so hard to ride through in life.

So then enter a pregnancy, in Feb. ’13. Just imagine all the wild hormones then… My life was literally upside down. I did NOT know how I was gonna handle a baby when it took all of me to be mom to the 3 boys I already had. My hearts cry was that God would show me what I was to do!! Everything I had been currently doing to try to gain healing in my body was brought to a screeching halt. And frankly I was scared of the next 2 yrs!!

For this pregnancy we went to a different midwife. In our talking she fast realized I often felt depressed. And she had me take a questionnaire thing to see just how depressed I was. Let’s just say she was not impressed, I was even surprised at how bad my results were. So she kept a close eye on me. Since she didn’t really know my health history, she didn’t understand all I was going through or all I had went through. But she did an awesome job of being there for us and helping us work through some fears. And now looking back I realize there were many times my brain just felt too tired, and too fried, I couldn’t think straight or reason properly. Many times I just didn’t care. And yes, there were times I felt suicidal. My brain-fog was worse than I even realized at the time.

And then God brought Plexus into our lives. How I wanted to have the hope that this would be the answer. That this could be the means God wanted to use to bring order back into my body. Was I scared? Yes, I was!! How many things had I tried? How many things had we prayed over? So many times we felt God had lead us. And then we would wonder why my body would crash again. We don’t regret most of our ‘chases’, as we feel God would allow them to work for a while. And I wasn’t just letting my body go down hill for however long. I was active in seeking health, and each thing would help. It just was never enough. But Plexus, was it really different? I was not interested in another MLM. I had been a part of a couple such things and didn’t wanna do it again. But God wouldn’t let it rest. And we felt a peace to try it.

Little did I know just how much my (our) lives would be changed. Allowing my body to heal from the inside out, allowing my hormones to rest, recharge and heal, allowing my pain ridden body to relax, allowing my foggy brain to once again think clearly… oh the list could go on.

The biggest, and greatest thing I thank God for is my clear mind!! I no longer get overwhelmed so easily. I can roll with the punches of life. (Just ask my hubby.) Those steep mountains and sharp corners no longer throw me off track so bad. (I just get thrown to the curb, not over the side every time!) I am feeling God’s love and care like I never have before. I am s.l.o.w.l.y. learning to trust Him and other friends. I feel so much hope on the horizon. Like with God’s help I am finally emerging from the shell that used to be me. And I am learning to BE a new me.

Has Plexus changed our life and ‘fixed’ everything? No!! A million times NO!! Plexus is not some magic drink to be our savior!! We live in a fallen world. Our bodies are not perfect. The foods we eat are not the same foods they ate a hundred + years ago. We live in an incredibly toxic world. It’s full of disease and imperfections. We cannot, nor should we expect some little thing to be our ‘magic’ potion that heals us. Should we trust Jesus to heal us? Yes, I believe God uses many different ways to bring healing. Could God have healed me without Plexus? Yes, I believe He could have. Is there anything wrong with taking a product that helps a body deal with the fallen nature of man? I don’t think so. God asked us to take care of our temples. I am thankful He choose to restore mine as He has. And I’m thankful He is not done. My body is still healing, it has not been an overnight fix. I still have hip pain, I still have some skin rash issues, I still have tired days. I still find I feel better eating little to no gluten. And we still still greatly limit our sugar. I still feel strongly about eating a clean diet. I like organic, but it is more costly, so we do what we can. But I am just thankful to feel so much better, for the energy to teach my boys, spending time with them, doing fun things. (Who doesn’t have tired days? And with a 13 mth old who still has really rough nights… I would be dragging more than my tail by now before Plexus.

I like to think of Plexus as a tool. A tool to help your body, as you heal and restore where your body has failed, is over worked and worn down. You can’t take a good probiotic and keep eating tons of sugar and processed foods and expect to see results. You just can’t. You are what you eat, no matter what supplements you may be taking to counter act that. You can’t expect the Slim to control the blood sugar levels if you keep pumping in the sugars all day. It’s all common sense.

So that’s my heart. Or a chunk of it. I am still amazed at where I have been & where we have come… And it’s exciting to look ahead and wonder where God will take us! I no longer fear what the future holds, or have fear I won’t have energy to be with my family, or fear I will be taken from them long before my time.

I am thankful I serve an awesome God, who cares about me and loves me, more than I can ever understand!!!!

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Living, Loving Life Again – Because of Plexus

kathy1I love being able to read stories like this… and from people I actually know. Kathy is a local friend of mine that suffered with lyme disease. This is her story…


I have been asked again to share my story, so check it out!! If you were me you might be that Crazy Plexus Lady too!!
My Story began 6 years ago when my youngest daughter was 4 months old. I got a tick bite that gave me lyme disease. I got treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics but never really felt completely better. I was still nursing and thought, “It must be because I’m older and still nursing.” So I would exercise every other day. This kept my energy up until we went away on our annual family trip down to Illinois for Christmas. When I got home that year I was completely depleted and didn’t even have the energy to exercise anymore.

A friend said she thought the lyme had come back on me. I started treating it naturally with her doctor’s protocol. That summer was horrible from all of the herxing my body did due to the toxic die-off. In August I went to the Dr. to test to be sure I was actually treating the right thing. I came back positive for lyme. He told me to keep on treating it the way I was treating it and added a couple of other things to my regimen. My energy and motivation was non-existent, my brain couldn’t focus, my memory-what memory?, I wandered around trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. I was an emotional basket case – crying at the drop of a hat, I would get pain in my muscles and joints, sharp shooting pains in my head, my organs would take turns hurting, I had heart palpitations and really broken sleep. At night the bottoms of my feet would feel like they were on fire. I was needing 3-4 naps a day. I have 8 kids, try raising your family under such conditions! If it weren’t for my older kids helping with the cooking and cleaning we would have been sunk for sure! How I thank God for them!

2 years ago I started the Whole 30 diet. It helped. I found that there were many foods that were contributing to my pain. A year and 1/2 ago I found an herbal protocol that really helped too but these things, although helpful, just didn’t completely heal me. I was still struggling, sometimes more than others – like being on a roller-coaster. I had more energy but it was still really inconsistent as was the pain in my body although I was usually not hobbling around anymore in the morning and at night. Unfortunately, because of the lyme I developed candida (leaky gut) and adrenal fatigue, 2 more debilitating diseases. Ugh!

During these past years I would have times when I would research and research to try to find out how to get better because the doctors only had limited information on the lyme and candida. So very frustrating!

This past February my friend Brenda Martin shared Plexus with me. I was very skeptical and thought, “This is too good to be true! I’m not trying this!” But by May I was still struggling and thought, “I’m going to try it, what do I have to lose?” I started with Plexus Slim and by day 3 I was feeling energy – I was pretty excited! The 3rd week I was helping to throw the 3rd graduation party in 3 weeks and I didn’t even need any coffee which I had been living on before! Any one of these parties would have thrown me down on the couch for 2 weeks or more with exhaustion and pain. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t happen with any of them – just one day that I needed to take it easy and I was back up again the next day!!

My body feels REALLY GOOD all over! My brain can think again. The perpetual acne all over my jaw line is gone! My crackly, rough feet are smooth. And I’m sleeping like a baby. My gut feels really good now too and I am able to eat some things I haven’t eaten in a really long time without pain and brainfog that used to last up to 2 weeks. So wonderful! I had the best summer I’ve had in years – So fun to run and play with my younger kids like I did with my older ones! I kind of feel like I have been learning to live agakathy2in.

I truly thank God for bringing Plexus my way! It just keeps getting better and better! I take the Fab 4 now but started with the Triplex. After feeling so good I couldn’t keep such a great thing to myself so after about 6 weeks I started sharing it with others who were hurting and it has been a JOY to see them feel good again too!! Are you or anyone you know struggling healthwise? Plexus could be your answer to prayer also! I would be so honored to help get you on the road to living life again! (The above picture is before Plexus. I remember feeling really cruddy that day. The pic on the right is now.)”

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Better Than My Best


I prayed for strength, and then I lost awhile
All sense of nearness, human and divine;
The love I leaned on failed and pierced my heart,
The hands I clung to loosed themselves from mine;
But while I swayed, weak, trembling, and alone,
The everlasting arms upheld my own.

I prayed for light; the sun went down in clouds,
The moon was darkened by a misty doubt,
The stars of heaven were dimmed by earthly fears,
And all my little candle flames burned out;
But while I sat in shadow, wrapped in night,
The face of Christ made all the darkness bright.

I prayed for peace, and dreamed of restful ease,
A slumber drugged from pain, a hushed repose;
Above my head the skies were black with storm,
And fiercer grew the onslaught of my foes;
But while the battle raged, and wild winds blew,
I heard His voice and perfect peace I knew.

I thank Thee, Lord, Thou wert too wise to heed
My feeble prayers, and answer as I sought,
Since these rich gifts Thy bounty has bestowed
Have brought me more than all I asked or thought;
Giver of good, so answer each request
With Thine own giving, better than my best.

by Annie Johnson Flint

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Queen of the Home on Amazon & A Giveaway

queen of home

‘In past generations, the role of wife and mother was viewed as a sacred calling. The committed homemaker was seen as strong, capable, intelligent, and irreplaceable. She was regarded not only as a crucial part of the home, but as a foundational bulwark of society. She was considered worthy of great honor, appreciation, and respect. Though in recent years feminists have sought to demean this glorious calling, the Bible’s hopeful vision of noble womanhood is one worth reclaiming. Queen of the Home seeks to cast that vision afresh through godly encouragements from writers past and present. This inspiring collection of essays, poetry, and poignant vignettes paints a beautiful picture of what it means for a wife to be a crown to her husband, the monarch of the cradle, and queen of the home, and calls upon daughters to embrace their rewarding role and sacred calling as regal women of God.’

Do you need some encouragement in your roles of wife and mother? Queen of the Home is a powerful collection of essays, poetry and quotes that will renew your vision, refresh your spirit and remind you of the might and worth of your calling. 

My friend, Jen, which I shared her story here earlier, has compiled this book Queen of the Home: Contributors include Jennie Chancey, June Fuentes, Bambi Moore, Kelly Crawford, Nancy Campbell, Stacy McDonald, and  more! It is now available on Amazon, for $2.99 through midnight, Dec. 1st.

You can also enter 2 fun giveaways for a Kindle Fire & huge giveaway package with lots of generous offers from wonderful bloggers and home business owners!! Such as Character Badges from Deborah & Co,  Books and CDs from Generation Cedar, When Motherhood Feels Too Hard Book by Kelly Crawford, One 20″ x 21″  “We Will Serve the Lord” Wall Design by Fruitful Vine Creations, Two DVDs from Family Vision Films, One $25.00 Gift Certificate for Usborne Books  from Stephanie Simpson, Norwex Basic Package from Melissa Niednagel & many more I didn’t link to!!

JenJen blogs at Noble Womanhood, a website that ‘is dedicated to proclaiming the nobility of the home and reclaiming the lost arts of homemaking’.

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