I am so glad you could join me here… A new step in Faith. A step I feel God has lead me venture. And I am excited to see where He leads this progect.

My goals for this blog are not large. And I want to keep it that way, so I have time to put God first, my family next and then after that the things I have time for. So there may be times that this blog get neglected for whatever reasons. But hopefully God’s glory can be shown through this little site. It has been dedicated to HIM to be used in whatever way He wants. I am excited to see what His Plans are!!

I want to share little things, maybe at times they will be big things, that I learn along the way. Be it in Cleaning, Organizing, learning with the boys, my hubby, or whatever. Or it maybe things along the lines of Health, Recipes, ect, ect. So they maybe short and other times may get kinda long.:) But hopefully we can learn together, yes, I am asking you to share things you have learnt and know as well!!

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