Womanly Dominion Book Give Away

I’m sharing a link with you with details of a book giveaway!! I’m always excited to read good books on how to fullfill the role God has given me. And this looks like a good book… I’d love to read it!! It’s going on my ‘To Read’ list.

Update: Give away is now closed.
Here is part of her original review

Mark Chanski presents this call throughout the book: “On the field of life, God challenges every woman to live and run in such a way as to win the prize (1 Cor. 9:24). In whatever she puts her hands to, she’s to “do it with all her might” (Eccl. 9:10) in order to hear that blessed commendation from her Lord, “Well done, you good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:21). And if she’s to achieve this noble goal on the field of life, she needs to be convinced of living according to these two fundamental principles: “Play your position!” and “Win it!”
Godly women, made in the image of God, must daily tell themselves: Win it! to the glory of God. We must for the long haul, for the entire game, contest after contest, resolve to put forth maximum effort to rule and subdue our daily challenges, so help us God. We have each been called to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it. What field do you have to subdue? If you are a wife and homemaker, this will look like subduing the chaos and overcoming the obstacles in your home, creating order and stability for your family. If you are a student, this means pressing into your studies, focusing on the goal and accomplishing it. This is dominating your world whatever season of life you are in!

Go over and sign up to win it!!

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