Time, do we have enough??

I have so many things I want to blog about… where do I start?? Which subject do I pick first?? What would people actually like to read about?? I read so many blogs, and think they all have a great way of writing, they have a way with words, they can make you feel like you are there-listening to what they are saying. And they know how to phrase things so you know exactly what they are trying to tell you.

Me??? I feel like I get my tongue wrapped around my eye tooth, and it all comes out twisted… Like yesterday-at Church I was sharing a testimony and it just didn’t come out the way I had planned it in my mind. And somehow it’s that way between my head and my fingers too. Oh, to be so eloquent as some other friends I have… but I need to remember to be Thankful for who I am. I am exactly as God made me!!

Anyway-back to all my ideas… I wanna share with you how I do my laundry, how we do school with a 4yr old, 2yr old and an 8mth old. I wanna show you tips and secrets that I do to make my days run smoother… I wanna show you my binder. (speaking of such- right now my hubby thinks it looks hideous-as it’s a repurposed cookbook. So he would like me to make a cover for it. Which I do, by-the-way, think is a great idea. And I do kinda agree with him.) I wanna tell you little tips and tricks to saving money-ways to do things much cheaper then having to buy the ‘real deal’. (Think cardboard boxes instead of those carpet play rugs.) I wanna share with you recipes that we love… things I do in the kitchen to save time.
But I know that all these things will just have to wait and take their turns… as I have only so many hours in a day. And those hours have to be carefully managed, or I soon have lots of time wasted. And I am all too good at wasting time.
And that one area is my time on the computer. I just love reading blogs and reading the ideas for different things in the home, work, shopping, organizing… ect, ect!!! And I hate when I find good ideas and then later can no longer remember where it was that I seen it. Like the idea for making a canvas bag to hang over the back of a kitchen chair to hold your childrens school books. If you know where it is, let me know.:) Thanks.

…Where was I?? Oh, yes, my time… see?!?!? I already got distracted… and need to be pulled back in the right direction. My time-how do I use it?? Do I spend my hours wisely?? Do I invest enough of my time in my children? Do set time aside each day to spend with my Lord?? Do I make sure my priorities are done first, then go do the pleasurable things??

All to often I fail in this… and it is one area I am commiting to change this year!!! And this blog is one of them, to help me stay focused, to give me a focus in my days. So that I have something to do with my time-channel it here to share with others what God is doing in my heart and life. And this is a big one that He is doing right now!!!

He’s helping me learn to manage my Time!!! And I’m so glad He is so patient with me as I learn, and grow… it’s hard for me to walk past my computer and not check up on what every one on Facebook is doing, or checking my email and maybe answering one or two notes, while my boys may have asked for something first, I end up putting them second or last… and that is VERY SAD!!! My family NEEDS to be first… they are the ones that count, they are the only things I will go with me to eternity. Why do I push them aside??

With God’s help I will do better!!!

There that was my random rant for the day…:) And I feel better for it!!
Photo Credits-Flicker
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