Motto for my Boys

“Is everyone having fun??

If not everyone is having fun,

then nobody is having fun!!”

I have this my motto for our boys, for our home.

I recently listened to this CD on Homeschooling, My Favorite Homeschool Ideas, by Debi Pearl, from No Greater Joy. I was once again blessed by it. And I was thankful to have found the source of that motto. I listened to that CD years ago, and remembered the saying, but I couldn’t remember where I had heard it.

I use it with my little boys all the time, when they are fighting, arguing, not sharing, tussling roughly, etc etc… and the one is crying, I’ll ask, “Are we having fun?? If  ____  is not having fun, then nobody is having fun!!!” I think one day they’ll get it.:) And ’til then I’ll keep saying it to them…

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2 Responses to Motto for my Boys

  1. Cute pic of your kiddos! I will try this on my 2 boys next time they aren't agreeing with each other.

  2. Rita A. says:

    Good Motto. Happy Friday Follow – Rita @

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