Mr. Clean

Did you know??…
…That Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser can clean Magic Marker off of your counter top??!!?? Even a white one!!

Yes, my 2yr old decided my counter top needed some new color added to it, in long, pretty, squiggly, blue lines… How he found them, high up in a cupboard, I don’t know. Now I need to find a new place to hide them!!

I had used my Magic Eraser on my counters previously, when I canned grape juice and it boiled over, causing lovely purple rings on the counter. And it took that off wonderfully!!

So I pulled it out again. And yes, it took a bit of ‘elbow greese’, but it didn’t take long at all and I had it all cleaned off. (Along with the natural grime that builds up over time-leaving a gleaming, shining white area where I scrubbed.) But my marker marks are gone.  (Update: I found some the next day on my table too, but that was ny fault! I had left my marker laying there after writing dates on the Smart Source and Red Plum papers. But it cleaned them off really easy too.)

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