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The cries of a child penetrate my dream… must I really get up NOW??? After talking to my hubby late last night-again, the last thing I feel like doing is getting up at 7:30. Soon the boyish prattle of another child, merges into my foggy brain. I soon hear footsteps toddling across the hall, and entering my room. Maybe if I pretend not to see them, they’ll leave and I can sleep a bit more. ha They are on to me… and soon they are snuggling up against me. I am soon feeling WIDE awake. 20 cold toes on my toasty warm legs and stomach are enough to wake anyone up instantly.
I decide to just enjoy the ‘Moment’… I know they will not be wanting to do such a thing with Mom, in the near future as the years are speeding by.
‘Mom, I’m hungry.’ Those famous words all Mom’s dread hearing I think. (Seems you just clean up one meal and they are back asking for more.) I try to hold him off, knowing I’ve gotta get up, shower and dress for the day. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. On the days it’s doesn’t, it can get very frustrating… I wanna get dressed so I feel ready to face my day. My boys wanna eat, so they feel charged for their day. And now I feel behind time, because I stayed in bed so long.
And until I am ready to start my day, with the boys fed and starting their day-it’s 9:00 or later. And that means half my morning is GONE!!! My brain feels foggy, because I’m not in a good mood. The little ‘buggy’ things the boys do to each other bugs me. I get upset at them, and next thing you know, they are upset with each other, and the whole house is a mess!!! My day was not very productive… I felt like a putz… and it was ALL because MOM got out of bed LATE!!!
Photo Credits-Flicker
I had been noticing this pattern for a while and decided to start watching my day, and see what was causing it… it didn’t take long to realize I needed to get up BEFORE my boys. (Yes, I did like that morning cuddle time. But not when the rest of the day is hay-wire!!) So I decided to get up at 6:30-at least. It doesn’t work for me to get up much before that at this point, my baby still gets up around 6 to nurse. But I like to lay there and plan my day and pray. So I’m wide awake ready to get up as soon, or soon after he’s done eating. And it makes so that most times I am showered and dressed before my boys even get up. My baby goes back to sleep after he eats, for another hour or so. Then when my other 2 boys show up with their smiling faces, I feel like smiling back!!! And we can cheerily start breakfast and be ready for our day by 8:00!!

And by that point, I often have my laundry going… floor swept, and other such things.
I have also discovered planning takes alot of stress out of life!! I had been getting very frustrated with my day. But by planning my day/week, things are much more organized.
I had tried for years to make a planner/home management binder work for me. It looked like a great idea. I had seen so many ideas for a BIG 8×11 size. So I tried it. But you know, I did not use it- because it was so big!! I could not haul with with me wherever I went, and would wish for it. I finally found a better idea- a HALF size one. And now I LOVE it. It is much simpler and basic then the bigger size… but it works for me. I like menu’s now… I had tried them before, but could never make them work. Now I plan them Sunday evening or Monday morning. for the week. I know that may not work for alot of people, because of how you do your shopping. (I only go about 2x a month. Grocery that is.) I plan to do a post about my binder at some point, so won’t say whole lot more about it right now.
I have loved how much smoother my days seem to go… I love being up ahead of my boys, ready to greet them when they sleepily come to me for a morning hug… I love being ready, emotionally, to give of my self… I love my quiet time before they get up… I love the ‘extra’ hour or two of work that I get… And best of all I love my attitude through out the day… All because, I’m on ‘top of the day’, and have a plan for it. I’m so Thankful God showed me another area I needed to change.
*Disclaimer-Before you think this works perfectly everyday-It DOESN”T!! There are still mornings I just sleep in, there are mornings without motivations, there are times of frustrations… mostly because of a particularly late night previous. Or mornings some little boys rise before I am ready for them to get up. But I do know it works when it is put into practice, and since practice makes perfect, we’ll keep practicing it as much as we can!!

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  1. Ugh…I'm going through this exact thing right now, too. I KNOW I need to get up and 'get a move on' but it's soooo hard. Thanks for the reminder that it is all worth it! 🙂

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