Things I Love…

…about my Husband.
  • He loves me back.
  • He takes interest in my interests.
  • He gives me back rubs.
  • He crawls out of bed very carefully every morning, making sure the blankets stay next to me, not allowing any cold air under the covers.
  • He faithfully brushes his teeth everynight. And if his breath still smells bad, he’ll cheerfully go back and do it again.
  • He hauls the garbage out for me. And alot of times without being told.
  • He will help with the dishes on a busy day or ‘Just because’.
  • He makes his own breakfast and cleans up behind himself.
  • He throws his barn clothes in the washer, so I don’t have to touch the dirty, smelly things.
  • He listens to me talk, when he’d rather nap.
  • He likes to take me on DATES!!
  • He Thanks me for the meals I make, and reminds his sons to Thank their Mom as well.
  • He watches the boys so I can shop alone, or will keep 2 so I only have to take one.
  • He takes his boys with him when ever he can.
  • He’s a very good provider, and works hard.
  • He enjoys getting down on the floor to play with our boys.
  • He listens to me talk-even late at night.
  • He loves to grill… making the BEST Pork Chops!!
  • He supports my wild and often times crazy ideas.
  • He reaches for my hand while driving to Church, or even just to town.
  • He fills a cup of water and puts it by me bed each night.
  • He loves me, even when I’m feeling unlovable and acting that way.
  • He enjoys a good joke and loves to laugh with me.
  • He can get into fun and playful moods, acting ‘boyish’. They are PRICELESS times I TREASURE!!
  • He helps me with garden work and in flowerbeds, even though he thinks they are a waste of time.
  • He will make the bed, if I didn’t get to it during the day, and he’s ready to crawl into clean sheets.
  • He’ll fold wash.
  • He goes for walks with me, even though it’s not something he really enjoys doing.
  • He tells me, “I’m the most beautiful woman in the world!!” And means it.
  • He listens to me share my ideas, without mocking them.
  • He supports me frugal indevors.
  • He supports me goals of ‘Natural Living’.
  • He loves my family.
  • He brings me flowers when I’m in a rough spot in life.
  • He likes to reminisce about our Courtship Days.
  • He’s very strong and not afraid to get dirty.
  • He lets me make mistakes, and lovingly helps me work through them.
  • He prays with his boys every night and tucks them into bed.
  • He is firm, but loving.
  • He admits when he’s wrong, and makes things right.
  • He loves God and seeks His will daily.
  • He tells me that he loves me.
  • He is ONLY mine, and will be only mine, as long as I live.
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2 Responses to Things I Love…

  1. Emmy says:

    What a sweet tribute, sounds like you have a great guy.

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