Menu Plan Monday

Last week I skipped sharing my menu plan, mainly because I didn’t really get a plan made out. Wow, did I miss it last week. I felt like I was all scattered and unorganized everyday. I have only been menu planning for a month or so, and already don’t like going without!! And I wonder how I made it before. I would hit and miss at using it, and finally decided to give it a steady try. It really helped that I found a Menu Plan/system that I finally like and use. And posting it here is also a great motivator!!

My Menu for this week…

Eggs, toast and hot chocolate
Egg Casserole

Broiled Tuna Sandwiches
Tomato Soup and cheese sandwiches

Spaghetti and Peas
Rice Casserole
Lasagna (Gonna try making my own cottage cheese, let ya know how that goes.)
Parmesan Potatoes, meatloaf, and salad

Linked to Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.

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