Saving Money…

…One dime at a time.
This morning a cousin of mine posted a thought on Facebook and it stirred up an interesting discussion. And it made me think… Back to what I used to think, and what thoughts I still fight. It is carnal fleshly desires, I want things and want them NOW!! I don’t want to wait, or I forget to plan ahead, saving for things before we will need them. I thought back on the journey God has brought me through, and where He is taking me, and what he is still teaching me!!
Do I need to keep up with ‘the Jones’?? Or am I content to ‘live a step down’ from them?? Does it make me feel inferior to those who have more, over to visit?? Or can I relax, and enjoy their company?? I find far to often, I’m wishing I could have done an upgrade in my home when I invite certain people over. Or that I feel just a bit smug when inviting those over who are ‘lower class’. What a shame!!! I am to look at all people equally!! And so many times I don’t!!! And I wasn’t even realizing it ’til I started writing all this out. (One thing I love my blog for!!) I’ve got some work to do in my heart!! Rather I should say-I’ve got corners to allow God to work at and clean out!!
I don’t even remember how I found MoneySavingMom‘s blog. I just know that she has taught me allot and I know I’m not done learning yet. I admire her ability to budget and live well within her means. I love the way she is frugal and finds ways to save a penny here and a dollar there. She is not scared to track down deals and get the best price she can. And then she shares it with so many other people.
When I first followed her blog, I found myself wasting a lot of time… trying to track down deals, following links and printing coupons. I was even spending money that I didn’t need to, because I was ‘Saving Money’!!! I loved looking at the pile of things I was getting for a little bit of nothing, but then realized I was still spending more then I really needed to, because there were still things I was buying that I did not REALLY NEED!!! And I am learning to cut back my spending even more. And not ‘buy’ the extra things, unless they are free or almost free. I do buy candles at Walgreens and Target for next to nothing with coupons and sales. And have been saving them for gifts, when needed.

I admire people that use Envelope System, by Dave Ramsey. Only giving themselves an allotted amount of cash to spend each month, and when it’s gone it’s gone!!! I keep wanting to try it and I have to a certain point. One day I will do it all the way.:) I am staying under my Hubby’s authority, when it comes to this. I also struggle with knowing what to do when a good sale comes along and it’s a really good time to stock up!!! For example, last week Walgreens had a really good deal on Huggies diapers, and with 2 boys in diapers it takes a lot to keep them in supply. I spent an average of $2/$3 a pack!!! How could I NOT stock up?!?!?!?! I had my Mom and my Mother in law print coupons on their printers as I can only print 2 coupons per printer.

I have been learning to live within my means… and one fast way to learn is to have milk prices hit rock bottom less then a year after buying a farm!! I am still learning to have contentment in my heart. I have plenty, I live in a warm house, have lots to eat, warm clothes to wear, a vehicle to drive… and the list could go on. Is my house perfectly decorated?? No, but we have beds to sleep in, a table to eat at and a couch to sit on. (Plus LOTS of other things!!!) Sure there are the little things I’d love to add, to make the look I want, look complete. But will it make me any happier?? Probably not!! And I’ve learned if I have to save up for it, I appreciate it much more then if I just go out and buy what I want, when I want it.

And I’ve learned to accept my husbands answers when I ask about buying certain things… There have been times when I’ll ask him about buying something-a bigger dollar item, and his first response is, ‘Do we really need it?’ But we’ll keep talking and I will keep wiggling it around and finally get a begrudging affirmative to get it. But soon after I get home, I get the feeling that it was not right. And if I want to take it back, my  hubby won’t let me. So now every time I look at it, I am reminded of stepping outside his will. And I come to actually loath the very thing I thought we really needed!!!

I am coming to appreciate those little reminders in life. How ever crude they are. I am thankful for a Hubby that lets me make mistakes, and helps me learn. But most of all I am thankful for a God who loves me and teaches me things in ways I understand.

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