How God Worked and Moved…

~Our Love Story~

Part 3

If you missed the first parts, find them here

  Part 1, Part 2

The next month, I did a lot of praying. I had to put my life in God’s hand’s. But I realized I had counted on Delvyn asking me so much, that my focus had gotten off track. And now it was time to put it back on track and stop thinking about him and what all could have been or what maybe yet. (I still thought back to what I had felt that night at Bible School.) It was not very easy. Especially since I would see him a lot, it was a bit of a struggle. But I do remember that there was a point I felt I finally had gotten victory. I was ready to move on. I was ready to face life without him, if that’s what God wanted. But I still wondered what that voice was that I had heard?? Was it all imagined or not?? But by God’s strength and grace I moved on.

The beginning of April, a friend and I made plans to go to PA for another week of Bible School. I don’t know how it all worked out, but next thing I knew Delvyn and another fellow from Church decided to go with us. I knew I would have a struggle on this trip. For one my brother was not with, and he was always my support in huge crowds. And for another, I was going to be with Delvyn for a week. I was at peace about it all, but it didn’t make it any easier. While driving out, I somehow would end up in the front seat, and yes, my heart strings were being pulled at an alarming rate. And as much as I tried holding them back it didn’t work so well.

During the week we hung out together a lot. I didn’t know but a few people, so felt very lost. And I think Delvyn sensed my need for support. And he kind of took the place of my brother. I also had a cold that week, so I couldn’t sing during the chorus practices. And Delvyn doesn’t care for singing much. One of the afternoons we took off to the place he was staying at to do some laundry. I was so worn out-physically and emotionally, that I fell asleep on the couch. Delvyn felt very bad when he had to wake me up to leave again. In little ways I could see he really did care for me. No matter what he may have said a month before.

The last Saturday of the Bible School there is a hike followed by a picnic. While hiking up the mountain I hung out with some girls I had become friends with. But once at the top I got to talking with a guy I knew from else where. For some reason we talked the whole way back down!! Little did I know that I had someone following me, VERY unimpressed!! Later, a car load or 3, left in 1 car, soon to spill out into 3, and we went to Victor’s sister’s place for the afternoon. It had started raining and was cool and miserable.

The next day, Delvyn and Virgil, came to pick up me and my stuff. Virg obviously knew that things were happening between us., because when I came out, he got out of the front seat and let me sit there. Later he told Delvyn that he better not be playing with my heart. It was obvious I cared for him. He either needed to do something or get out of there!!!

It only took a couple weeks before he did ‘something’. He went to my Dad to ask his permission to court his daughter. Mom told me one afternoon, that Daddy and her had something they needed to talk to me about. She planned to wait and tell me when we 3 got a chance to talk, but she just couldn’t. She was to excited to keep it to herself. I was nearing my 20th birthday and she said, ’By this time next year you maybe married.’ ‘Yeah, right, what makes you think that?’ ‘Delvyn has asked to court you.’

I couldn’t help but smile. I was walking on air the rest of the day!! I already knew what my answer was. But I needed to wait and get my parent’s blessing on it. God was finally finished laying the groundwork and was ready to begin building!!! My parents and I went out to McDonald’s for ice cream after supper. Daddy asked how I felt about it all, and I knew in my heart how I felt. We discussed my goals and dreams, and they gave me their ideas for our Courtship. We agreed to pray about it a bit more, before I gave him my answer-a written note.

I gave my note to Daddy the day Mom and I went to a Home School convention. Our plans got changed, because my cousin got sick. So I ended up driving her home early. There was a youth Volleyball game that evening, so I decided to go. I knew Delvyn would be surprised, as I was to still be gone. I was rather nervous about it all, we hadn’t talked or seen each other since it was all ‘Official’.

It was rather fun walking in and seeing his look of surprise. We couldn’t say much because no one else knew we were courting yet. But I was NOT impressed to have one person tell me ‘Congratulations’ soon after I started playing. (Another story for another time.) ——No one was to know yet. And Delvyn and I hadn’t even talked yet. I was to find out later why she knew. She had asked Delvyn to do something with her and would not just take a ‘No’ for an answer. He had to tell her why. She kind of let everyone else know about it too. After V-ball we all went to McDonald’s for a snack, she sat with me at a table, then all of a sudden jumped up muttering, ‘Oh, yeah, some one else will want to sit here with you.” By the end of the evening, most everyone realized what was going on.

I had always wanted to wait until I was 20 to start courting, and God answered my prayers. After watching many girls have their hearts played with and their focus on the wrong things while going through their teen years, I wanted to wait ’til I was 20. I can’t say I never got derailed now and then. But for the most part, guys were not a primary focus in my life.

We had our ‘First Date’ on my 20th birthday. Delvyn let me pick where we went to eat. So I chose ‘Outback Steak House’. I love shrimp, so I ordered what I thought sounded good. And to my shock and horror it came in a tin bucket on ICE!!! Yes, it was cold shrimp, (not something I am fond of) but I managed to hide my disappointment and eat it anyway.

We sat at our table for literally 3 hours. Just talking and talking, and we still were not done ‘til we left. And we drank our share of the free refills that evening. Our conversation was a bit stiff at first, but it wasn’t long and we were sharing our dreams, goals in life, ect.

Thus began our Courtship-which lasted all summer. Once a month we would go out to eat and spend the evening together. Our favorite spot was a public scenic overlook. We would sit there and talk for hours. The river was another spot we would go sit along. Now and then we played Putt-Putt. Our evenings would always end way too soon. And on our drive home again, the car would go slower and slower.

I knew I was falling in love with this man God had led into my life. I just didn’t know how much… There were times I found it very hard to completely trust him with my heart. But deep down I knew this is who God gave to me, we would be able to work it all out. We began talking of marriage and what it meant to us. Our thoughts for a future together, ect. I knew it was only a matter of time ‘til he would ‘pop the question’.

Our date began like any other, it was Aug 31, 2002. I really had no clue what all the evening would hold. And I don’t even remember where we went to eat that night. We went to ‘Our Spot’ on the overlook, after eating. And talked and talked and as we talked I got this feeling that tonight was the night!!! It was a lovely evening, with a beautiful sunset. (It must have been, 3 other couples were engaged the same evening.) As it got darker, we moved back to the top of the bluff, lingering, not wanting our evening to end. As we slowly wandering along the fence line, we paused. I remember feeling quiet in my spirit, somehow knowing what was coming… The wonderful, handsome man beside me gently and carefully turned me to face him and I heard the words, gentle and sweet, ‘I love you! Will you marry me??’ I knew in my heart what my answer was, but had so many emotions within me, I was too choked up to answer right away. But it didn‘t take long for me to say, “Of, course, I’d love too.”

How do I explain without a lot of detail, all that was going on in my heart?? It wasn’t until after we were married that some things came to light, for me to realize I had some issues to work through. But God gave me a very awesome man!!! One that has gently loved me through some very, very rough spots. I knew without a doubt that I loved him, I just didn’t realize how much. Nor did I understand that type of love at all.

We began planning our wedding… the date was set for Feb. 8th, but due to conflict of schedules with the church we planned to use, we had to bump it down to the 22nd. There were so many, many signs God was with us, but I also had to overcome many, many doubts and fears over this time. It was only God who could have carried me through all the emotions and mixed feelings I had surrounding this time.

We looked forward with much anticipation to our wedding day…

…To be continued… Part 4 Here

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3 Responses to How God Worked and Moved…

  1. Emmy says:

    Love how he asked your dad to court you 🙂 My husband didn't even meet my parents until we were almost engaged. He did ask my dad before he officially asked me to marry him though.

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