Where’s Bear???

The question is asked, the search begins… “Where’s bear?” we ask the owner. He just lifts his hands and shrugs his shoulders, making the voice inflections for “I don’t know?” Can’t you just see the delight in his eyes? The thought that ‘Maybe I hid it hard enough this time they will have to let me skip my nap”.

“Where’s bear??” The cry comes from this corner and that. Looking in all the places the child had been that morning. In the crib, Mom and Dad’s bed, the kitchen drawers and cupboards, but no bear!!! The toy box, full of toys, you really need to dig, but you know it couldn’t have gotten so deep in such a short time, cause you know he had him this morning, he always crawls out of bed holding it’s paw. So you continue to search, the toy barn, the cows and tractors, they just look at you without a word, not knowing either. The little boy who played with them, had bear by his side, but took him with, when the next toy caught his eye. So we look in the trunk of the little green car, that sings “Here we go round the big red barn” many times in a day… but it to is empty, only cracker crumbs of yesterdays drive thru’ snack.

“Where’s bear??” Again the question is asked, again, minds are searched through to remember the spots the little boy played at in his morning adventures. Oh, right he was in the spare room on his Father’s desk, perhaps that little bear went along in there. But no, the bear was not there either, the tractors were still in straight lines, like Dad put them. Surprisingly enough!!! But that bear is still missing…

“Where’s bear???” This time it is getting serious!! If we can’t find that bear… Mom would not like to know what the next days would hold. SO we DIG DEEPER!!! Now looking under all beds, in the closets, who knows where he went while Mom was in another room… In the bath tub, in the dresser drawers, if he puts his own socks away, perhaps he thought bear needed to be put away too. But no, all those spots are ‘BEAR-LESS’ too!!!
“Where is Bear???” Dad has been helping too… “Mom, think, think, think, where all was he?” “Oh, yes, he was with me in the basement while I was doing the wash.” So with a quick run down stairs, just knowing that he would be down there, she feels so giddy. Her baby can go take his nap… it is later then the little guy normally goes down, and she feels the need to FIND that BEAR!!! After a quick look around, she sees no bear… “Oh, where, oh, where can he be” she cries. Even looking under the bottom step down there. As there is a board that makes everything that falls behind the steps slide to the bottom. And he isn’t there. We really need that much loved little bear. Who once was white, but now is a dirty gray. Who once was a soft fuzzy bear, but now is matted and lumpy. Who has a pink ribbon, but it’s owner is a boy. Who had 3 tags on its rump, but now has remnants of 2. Yes, two little hands rubbed those tags until there is not much left!!! It is really in sad shape, been thrown up on, sat on, washed in the washer more times then we know, went on trips to CO, PA, & more, been to town countless times, lost in stores and steps retraced, been left behind at home, and returned for. All because we CAN NOT LOSE BEAR!!!
“Where is BEAR??” Dad begins to dig deeper still… looking in cracks and corners. Over turning things that are still in their normal spots, this house is beginning to look quiet a sight. But Bear is going to show up soon, he just has to. Not many spots are left to look in. The question is asked, “Was the dog in here?” But mom says “NO, that dog don’t come in unless there is crumbs that need cleaned up and she hasn’t the time for a broom, or… her hubby lets him in.” So that is out…
“Bear” “Bear” we call his name, hoping he’ll answer… maybe he’s tired of his hiding place and is ready for his owners clammy embrace. And to feel those tiny hands around his chubby stomach, to be cuddled in the crook of his arm for a long nap. “Please, Bear answer us.”

All at once comes that joyful cry!!! “I FOUND BEAR!!!!” And Mom and son go running to see… yup, it’s him alright!!! And looking no worse for the wear. “Where was he?” mom asks. “Oh, under the basement steps“, was the reply. “But I looked there,” she answers. “He was up a couple steps, stuck on something before hitting the bottom.” “Oh” was her relieved sigh!!!

Here is BEAR!!! Now, baby dear, you may go take your much needed, and behind schedule nap. So after placing him in his bed, we turn to the dresser grab a nuk. And the parents look at each other with a sigh…“Now where is his NUK????”

Written By Lois Martin Aug.06
All Rights Reserved

This was written when my oldest was just 1 1/2yrs old. -He’s now almost 5!!! I still smile when I read it, and I love the memories it brings back!! He was an answer to our prayers, and a total delight to us. (He still is!!)

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8 Responses to Where’s Bear???

  1. Cher says:

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  2. Hi There Stopping over from FF! Have a great weekend and glad we got a chance to connect! http://www.miamamiah.com

  3. Veronica Lee says:

    Love your blog!!Following on FF!Have a great weekend!

  4. And look at those precious photos of him clutching that bear! 🙂

  5. joeandbridge says:

    Hi there! Just popping in from Friday Follow to be your newest follower. Hope you can come follow mine! Have a great weekend!Bridgette GroschenThe Groschen Goblinshttp://www.groschengoblins.com/

  6. Emmy says:

    We have had many times like this where we were searching for white blankie… sometimes I want to just curse that blankie for always disappearing right at nap-time 🙂

  7. ~SHANNON~ says:

    Stopping in from Friday follow! Love these pics- so sweet!Have a great weekend!Shannonhttp://milkandcuddles.com/

  8. Awwww…we have had plenty of experiences like this looking for our oldest's precious Snoopy!

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