I’m A Queen

I’m the Queen of a beautiful kingdom
God gave it to me for my own.
My castle’s a rambling old farm house
And a low rocking chair my throne.
My subjects are dear little children
Who willingly come at my call.
The king is the husband and father
Who furnishes bread for us all.
Sometimes when I mend little stockings
Or hear a short prayer at my knee
I marvel that God in His wisdom
Presented the kingdom to me.
I feel so weak and unworthy
To guide the little feet that roam
To keep them all safe and contented
In our beautiful kingdom of HOME.

~Author Unknown

This past Friday and Saturday my Mom, sisters and I had the privilege of attending a Ladies Retreat. I must say I was greatly Blessed to be there. It has been an amazing journey God has been leading me on, and I was so Blessed to see God work in my life in ways I would NEVER have believed could happen in a few days. I should never underestimate the Power of God, but so many times we forget just how powerful God is. And it is so amazing to see the Miracles in lives happen.
The main speaker spoke on “I Am a Queen”. We as women often wish for our lives to be different, that we could be like ‘So & So’. If God wanted us to be ‘So & So’ He’d have made us ‘So & So’. As long as I try to be and live like someone else, I will live in frustration. Do we look in the mirror and see ourselves as a Kitten, when really there is a Lion sitting there?? How we look at ourselves affects how we look at and live our life. God bought us with His life. Why do we look down at ourselves and try to change what we are. God doesn’t hold our sin against us, He has forgiven ALL, before we even made our first mistake. We tend to live like a pauper and not the Queen God made us to be.

I don’t feel like I can do justice to what all she shared… All I can say it has changed my life. And I am excited to see where God will lead me from here.

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