Miracle Salve

Being the Mother of 3 boys, we have more then our share of bumps, scrapes, cuts, ect, ect… And this is my ‘Go-To-Salve’!!!

I love this salve!! And I use it for EVERYTHING!!! Ok, not ‘that way’… Everything as in the physical aspect of it. The wounds never take long to heal up. And they heal nicely as well!!! The boys rarely whimper when I  rub it on cuts. If they do it’s more from the idea of it or actually hurting the wound, then the salve hurting the open sore.

The best place I have found that works awesomely, (is that a word??) is my baby’s diaper rashes, A.K.A Yeast Infections. I even used it on my 4 yr. old who had yeast infection at the time.

I’ve used it on lips that were overly sore and chapped, splinters, insect bites, burns… and I’m sure more.

It contains Plaintain, which, if you’ve never studied into it, you really should. It is a very effective astringent, demulcent, and hemostatic, which works wonders on all sorts of insect bites and stings.

It also contains organic comfrey root which possesses amazing abilities to support healing of cuts and abrasions. And it’s a comforting astringent for treating inflammation and bruising.

Propolis, another ingredient, can be used topically for skin problems ranging from ordinary abrasions to eczema, acne, skin cancers, bruises, and burns to gum infections and advanced herpes in the mouth.

For a full list of ingredents and their helps in the salve go here. They say, ‘Save space in your medicine cabinet and healing time for your skin. Use Beeyoutiful’s Miracle Skin Salve to replace antibiotic first-aid ointments, anti-itch cortisone creams, hemorrhoid medicines, diaper rash concoctions, minor burn treatments, and eczema and yeast rash lotions. Get rid of all those tubes, bottles, and containers. One simple jar of Miracle Skin Salve will do’.
You can purchase it through there website-Beeyoutiful. I also love a few other products they sell, Super Mom Pills, and Super Kids Vitamins. I have used other products as well, just not as regularly as these.

Their Berry Well, is like my Elderberry Syrup. And I had been buying it through Beeyoutiful, until I began making my own.

I love that it’s Natural and something so easy to use!! It actually will last me a while, even though I use it heavily. And yes, I tote it with me in my diaper bag, you never know when you or someone else will need it.
I now make my own salve… check it out. (link coming)

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