Stuffed Suitcase??

This past week-end we had the privilege of going along with a few families from our Church to do some street ministry and spend time witnessing in Soup Kitchen in the Twin Cities. As always, with 3 boys, I take plenty of clothes along. (Or at least try too. I forgot some shirts for Jevan.) Over the past couple of years I have been experimenting with packing, and what the best way is to do it with the least amount of space. I don’t like having any more pieces of luggage then I have to to haul in where ever we are spending the night. Not to mention saving space in the van as well. (We were VERY loaded this week-end. I needed a stroller, snacks, breakfast foods, pack-n-play, as well as all the other things that go with when traveling.)

I was able to pack all the boys clothes in one duffel bag. They each had 4 sets of clothes, extra shorts, pj’s and a bag of pampers, plus the usual socks and underwear. {I was going to take a picture before I left and I forgot. So maybe the next trip, which there aren’t any plans for, by the way.} I have learned the best way to pack clothes is fold them in half, for the boys and 3rd’s for Delvyn and I, and then put them in accordion style. The fold up, and each child has his own row. You can easily see what each item is, without looking to the bottom of the stack and messing every thing up pulling it out.

I have heard of Mom’s putting the child’s things in a paper bag and cutting it even with the suitcase. But I take way more clothes then a paper bag would hold. Maybe I over prepare, but you never know with children!! And I don’t like having to do wash, if possible. One Mom puts a set of clothes for each child in a bag, one for each day or each child a Ziploc bag. To me it seems like a waste of bags, but I can see the benefit of that too. It would make it easy for Dad to help with finding clothes, they are presorted and ready to go. I’ve seen suggestions for rolling your clothes, that makes for fewer wrinkles and less bulk. I’ve not noticed fewer wrinkles or less bulk.

I still like my accordion style. Something I just thought of is packing accordion style, but also putting a set of clothes together, the pants/shirt/underwear/socks, then you are not looking for things to match or a sock missing some where. I might just try that next time. Also Delvyn can easily grab a set of clothes, if you put them in the order needed.

Something else I have learned, is not to wear light colored clothes on a child while traveling. They get so dirty so fast and you don’t always change clothes as you go from place to place. Dark colored clothes hide lots of dirt, on Mom and child.

This is something I have found that greatly helps me, maybe you have something that works better. Please share your tips in the comments.

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