Trash Can Tip

You ever get tired of emptying the trash can?? Tired of pulling out bags and putting a new one back in?? Here’s something I have been doing for a while now. I read it in the book, “Time-Saving Tips For The Busy Mom” by Carrie Grubbs- Life Changing Seminars.
Whenever I take out the bag, I add 3-6 more trash bags, one inside the other, until I can’t get any more in. Then on days I am in a hurry, there is another bag waiting. All I do as I am putting the trash bags in the trash can, is poke small holes with a pin along the top, to let out air. It will take a bit to get all the air out of the liners. But once the first bag is full, the next is waiting, fitting snuggly to the side of the trash can.
Another thing you can do is just place your box of bags or even a handful of them, on the bottom of your trash can. Then you are not wasting trips to get a bag from where ever you store them.
I find it a great time saver, as I don’t push off changing the full bag, because all I have to do is pull, tie and throw out.
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