Healing Touch for Diaper Rashes

…What to do for Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection…

As I mentioned before in this post, my boys are very prone to diaper rashes. And when they get them, it gets BAD fast, if I don’t do something right away. Most time’s I can keep it under control, but now and then I can’t. And last week end was one of those…

It started out very mild, but different and he had ‘the squirts’ along with it. So I took him in to the Dr. and she prescribed a very basic cream. ‘Athletic’s Foot Cream’. You know the kind you put on ‘Athletic’s Foot’.(Duh) ‘Though this was 2% strength and the over the counter stuff is only 1%. And right away I was thinking ‘Duh’. I remembered in ’08, we were in CO. and Jevan had gotten a really bad rash, so bad it was bleeding. And I didn’t know what to do. So I finally went to Walgreen’s and asked them. (It was a Sat. so clinic’s were not open and I really didn’t want to take him in anyway out there.) So I just asked a Pharmacists what to do and right away, she told me to use ‘Athletic’s Foot Cream’. On my babies, it takes only hours to see a difference!!

I know the 1% strength works!! I forgot the prescription stuff when we left on Fri. for the Cities. (Don’t know how or why, but I did.) So I bought the Terbinafine Hydroloride 1%, and it did not work. So Sat. evening I bought Clotrimazole 1%, and gave him a baking soda bath. By morning there was a huge difference. Not sure what all worked, but I was so thankful he was feeling so much better!!

:: So I thought I’d share my tips with you::

  • Soak them in a Baking Soda bath. {Yep, another use for Baking Soda.)
  • Allow time in the air. Yes, my baby ran around in underwear for a while. {Scary I know.} And keep the diaper area as clean and dry as possible.
  • Use cream every time you change diaper. Not only 2 times a day like it says on the tube.
  • Use Clotrimazole 1% -over the counter, or Miconazole Nitrate 2%-prescription, as an active ingredient. The Terbinafine Hydroloride 1% did not work for me.
  • Give them lots of Probiotic.
  • Love them and comfort them!!

I also found out he had Campylobacteriosis. So that explains the abundance of messy diapers. I went through a 31 pack of pampers in little more then 24 hrs!! And that contributed to the rash problem. So after giving him a dose of antibiotic, he got better. A brief bit of info on Campylobacteriosis, it is a bacteria from chickens, pigs, cows, cats and/or dogs. He obviously picked it up here on the farm somewhere. So far no one else has gotten it, and I’m hoping it stays that way.

Edited to add-Aug 29, ’10 Don’t put baking powder directly on a sore bottom, as you would baby powder. Believe me, I tried it a while ago!! My baby screamed, until I put him in a sink full of water. I don’t know what it is about it, that the skin can handle it in the bath water, but not full power. My sister-in-law, found it out the hard way too. I wonder if the water breaks it down some how, and the skin can soak it in better. I really don’t know, just going by what I have learned from experience!!

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