Reflections of Me

God has blessed me with 3 little boys!! Little ones He has given me to raise, to guide. I have ‘Hearts to Nurture’, to train and teach. God has given me a responsibility in these souls He has placed in my hands for a few short years.

Why then is it, that I feel like I am the one being taught?? Why do I feel like I am the one in the ‘School of Hard Knocks’, so many days?? How is it that they are teaching me???

When I ask them to do a job, why do they so often grumble and complain?? Do I grumble that much?? (I know it is partly a childish, sin nature.) When I hear their bad attitudes, their fights and squabbles, when I see them hurting each other, in listening to the tones of their voices… I realize they are picking up things from ME!! They are a reflection of WHO I am!!

I know parents who are soft spoken, slow to respond, and just calm in nature. Their children, more often then not, are the same way. But those who respond quickly and with sharpness, will have children who respond the same way. And when you multiply that by 2, 4 or 6, what does your house sound like?? I know for myself, just having 2 in the talking stage and 1 in the squealing ‘until-I-get-what-I-want’ stage, it doesn’t take long and the house can sound a very unpleasant discord!!

My desire is to teach my children to be loving and kind, soft spoken and slow to anger. But for some reason, it seems they are teaching me more then I am teaching them. So I guess we will learn together!! Oh, that I can be a Reflection of God to my children.

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2 Responses to Reflections of Me

  1. Anonymous says:

    i'm so SO excited i found your blog!! i'm already having tons of fun reading/learning new things! you really have a gift…thanks for sharing it… -Setta

  2. Thanks sis!!! Sorry, I 'hid' it from you for so long.:) Can't wait to see ya this evening. Your visit has went way too fast!!

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