Cousin Fun…

What do you get when you add 3 + 2 ???
                                                    … = 5 and loads of cousin fun!!!

Last weekend my Brother from CO came to visit. He has 2 little boys, add them to my 3 boys and we have quite the row of active boys. But they have SOOOoooo much fun together, along with the squabbles and fights.

I can only imagine ALL the fun they will have in the coming years!!!

Jevan and Brandon
5 mths apart in age… the ‘Best of Friends’ and ‘Worst of Enemies’.
2 wk. old Bradley
All the laughter & tears,
tractors and trucks.
Cookies and crackers,
juice in the cups.
These boys are growing up,
they won’t stay little long.
Tho they are ‘trying’,
they are growing up strong.
But oh, the JOY they bring
as they jump,
giggle and sing!!!
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2 Responses to Cousin Fun…

  1. I'm supossed to comment, eh? 😉 I love them: even if they fight and scream and do all things pertaining to that. Oh, and I love you too. 🙂

  2. Jamie~ says:

    What a sweet group of boys!! I loved cousin time growing up. What fantastic memories everyone is making. Stopping by from Just for the Joy of It.

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