Burns & Babies…

Last Thursday was a day to remember… The boys n I were at a friends house. We were just done eating lunch, when my baby began to cry, in a way I knew he was really hurting. (As Mom’s, we know our baby’s cry’s!) He was out on the deck, and had been playing. I looked around for something that may have hurt him, but there wasn’t really anything there. Then one of the boys told me he walked on a sheet of metal laying there and that ‘it was hot’. So I promptly went into the bathroom and put his feet in the sink n filled it with cold water. Then I tried to see what all was wrong. His left hand showed signs of something, with the skin being pinched up along the bottom of his palm, so I put that under water. Then I noticed his left leg looked funny, so was throwing water on that.
I headed home then, and was planning to use my Aloe Vera plant, totally using it up if I had to!! But realized I couldn’t do it by myself, with a little body that was filled with pain and just wanting his Mom to hold him. A quick call to my Mother-in-law, brought her to my side in just a few minutes. And she brought along the B & W Salve!!!
And we tenderly smeared the salve on his burns and wrapped them up. I then sat and snuggled with him, as he drowsily laid in my arms. He couldn’t sleep, and was restless. But quiet, as he lay there. Then within about a half an hour he decided he wanted to go. I knew he would not be able to walk on his right foot, but knew he would have to learn for himself.
He decided my lap was BEST!! And was happy to just stay there. He was by then pain free and acting more like himself. But I knew the road to healing was just beginning…
He would have many days of being wrapped up and pain filled moments. And days where he would not be able to walk. How do you tell a 13 1/2 mth old he can’t go play like normal?? He felt so good, but for the fact that the burn on his foot was a huge blister.
He started walking again on Sat. He was so tired of crawling on one foot and one knee, (He couldn’t crawl on his left leg or walk on his right foot.) So that evening after his shower/bath I popped it. And he acted like it felt so much better.
So now it is his leg that looks the worse. And it pains him the most. The skin has mostly come off and it’s raw flesh, that bleeds easily and is just painful. It’s painful for me to even look at it. It hurts me that I have to hurt him, every time I re-bandage his burns.
His hand and foot look really good. The skin is slowly coming off, but there is lots of healing going on under that skin. And I think it is for the best. The skin on his leg looked so different. You could tell it was bad and needed to come off. So yes, I carefully cut it off.
We are guessing that when he stepped on that sheet of metal, he just barely put his left foot down, when he realized his right foot was burning. And then fell, burning his leg and hand, that he would have pushed himself back up with.
The B & W Salve is used widely among the Amish and is reportedly the best thing for taking the burn out. And I believe that, as Rylen was acting very perky within a half an hour. And he never minds me putting the salve on, almost like he knows it will make it feel good again.
The main ingredient is Honey. And I had been told by a couple of people to use raw and natural honey on burns. It takes the burn out and heals wonderfully. I believe it. And am so thankful for this simple salve.
And for a God who gives grace and strength for each day!!! And healing…

Edited to add… Today-Wed. his leg is very sore. So my Mother-in-law helped me make a burdock leaf poultice. All the bandages are sticking to his skin and having to rip them off 2-4 times a day was making for a very unhappy baby!! (It would make it bleed.) So we are hoping this helps keep it moist n not stick to the bandage.

For an update of Rylen’s burns on July 18th see this post.

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4 Responses to Burns & Babies…

  1. Mrs. Ohtobe says:

    That poor sweet boy! I'm glad he is healing up well – it is always a terrible feeling when our children get hurt.

  2. Midnite Skys says:

    aww poor baby… wow that hot metal did a number on him.

  3. Christy says:

    Oh my goodness, poor baby and poor mommy! I never would have thought it could do that much damage. What a sweetie he was about it all. My Amish friends swear by the Burdock Leaf poultice – I hope it helped.

  4. D and A says:

    Wow! I am so sorry your little guy had to go through this. I can imagine how hard it must have been. Thank God for the balm and your mother-in-law.Blessings in the healing!

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