From Him, Through Him, To Him

This is 2nd in a series of posts on the book by Nancy Leigh De Moss. You can find the first post here, on the first chapter.

Wow, how can I even do this chapter justice without doing a long post?? That is one reason it has taken me so long to do the second chapter. It was long and deep, its so full of truths. I feel blessed, God has been working on different areas of my life, and reading this has just confirmed that for me. He is leading and guiding.

This chapter is written by Nancy Leigh De Moss and is based on Romans 11:33-36. It is the climax of the book of Romans, describing how Paul felt when, after writing the first 10 chapters he looked back and seen the whole Pan of Salvation, God’s sovereignty, His Plan for the ages, he felt an awe, and wrote, “Oh, the depth…how unsearchable…how inscrutable…to Him be glory forever”.

Do we want to feel the depth? Do we want to know ‘the depth of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge’? When life takes a curve we are not prepared for, and feels like it’s about to go to pieces, am I willing to just let go and let God lead? God’s ways are unfathomable. We will never reach a pit so low that God is not already there. God has a ‘bedrock of riches, wisdom and knowledge, His unseen yet sovereign, eternal purposes are underneath it all, holding it all together.’

God’s riches are inexhaustible! We will never reach the bottom of His mine. He knows all and His wisdom is more then enough to walk us through each difficult situation. 

We will never understand what God’s plan is, what work He is doing or where He is taking me. I just need to trust Him, even in all I don’t know or understand. It is in His kindness that He withholds from us what would be grand or painful for us to absorb in our mortal minds.

‘In every situation & circumstance of your life, God is always doing a thousand different things that you can not see & you do not know.’ -John Piper

How many times have we went through something & then later were able to look back and see that, ‘Oh, now that makes sense’.

God is everything that we need. From Him, through Him, to Him!! “This is why true womanhood results in a God centered life and perspective”. “If we are not there, believing ‘from Him, to Him, through Him’, we are missing the whole point of existence.

Everything is from Him-He is the source.
Everything is through Him-He is the sustainer.
Everything is to Him-He is our supreme purpose.

So now how do we respond?

1) A true woman lives a God centered life.
I want to be enthralled with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Pearl the Great price, the Supreme Treasure of Life.

2). A true woman trusts God.
We as ‘true woman have a hope-a real genuine hope-in the midst of a world filled with pain, loss and uncertainty.’ ‘The true woman of God doesn’t have to strive’, we can completely trust God.
Nothing is beyond God, no matter how crooked the stick, God can draw a straight line. -Martin Luther
3). A true woman says, ‘Yes, Lord.’
Am I only worried about me?? The good things I want or need?? Or am I seeking to know, ‘What will please You, Lord?’. ‘What will further Your Kingdom? What will display Your glory?’

I want to just accept God’s will and plan -to follow where He leads and one day be able to look back from the top of a mountain and see where and why God lead how He did. I want to get a taste of His unsearchable riches, wisdom and knowledge.

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