Burns Update

I wanted to post this on Thurs. but my past week was sooo full. But totally BLESSED!!! Ever have one of those?? A week you absolutely loved but were also very glad to see it come to an end??  (We had VBS at our Church this week, my husband was Superintendent, so we were VERY much involved!!)

Rylen’s burns are looking very, very good!!

Before: (If you wanna see more pics and the story how it happened, read my post here.)
2 weeks later

His Leg
His Hand
Sorry I didn’t get a good one of his foot. He wasn’t impressed with the whole picture taking idea.
I have been amazed at the speed at which the burns have healed!! But then again, why should I be?? God is the healer and he has done a wonderful job at healing my baby pretty fast.
I’m also so thankful for the wisdom He has given others, and that they have shared it. In a book that my Mother-in-law picked  up with the B & W Salve, it shared how to use burdock leaves on burns. I didn’t bother using that at first, as I figured the B & W would be enough.
But by that Wed. his burn on his leg was healing and sticking to the gauze. So every time I would change the bandage -2x a day- he would cry and cry. He hated it!! I would have to yank the gauze off, causing it to open and bleed again.
Then is when I started reading that burn book more thoroughly. And realized the burdock also helps keep the wound moist, and is a barrier between the gauze and wound..
I had some growing out beside the barn. All you have to do is pick leaves 6-12 in. big. And off a plant not taller then 18 in. 
Bring a pot of water to scalding point (Not quite to a boil.) Turn off and throwing a leaf. Let sit for 5 minutes. Put on a towel to absorb extra moisture. Pat both sides. Slather salve on the top side of leaf, and put on burns. Then wrap with gauze. (I bought Walmart out in the first week.)
 If you don’t have one the right size, cut it all down and let it start over. You can harvest them to use in winter too. Just let them dry.
I’m wondering about making a salve out of the leaves… Put it may be a while before I tackle that one.
It was just over a week after it happened that I noticed his hand was healing funny. So I consulted with my cousin and Mom. Yes, the main crease in his hand was growing together. And frankly, it scared me!! I had read that you need to be careful with burns on hands, as it will do that. Not knowing just what to do, I decided to just keep it very moist, lots of Miracle Salve and/or B&W on it. And every time I changed the bandages, I would stretch the palm and really massage it. After 4-5 days I started noticing it was separating and looking normal. And now his hand is just a tad red from the new skin there.
I don’t think he will have any scars on his hand or foot, and I’m pretty sure on his leg won’t as well. Although it still turns purple when cold and bright red when he’s hot.
All I know is that he was a real trooper through it all. -Keeping his bandages on, (for the most part, only messing with them when he was bored.) letting me unwrap and rewrap, cleaning, etc. He put up with a lot of pain and annoying wraps.

Update July 26th- I found a site with some more info in the B&W and about treating burns with it. There are testimonies and more. Check it out. There is more info there as well, such search.

Also I found a site you can buy it at too. Better then greens is also a place where you can buy the Burn Book as well.

Another thing I’ve been reading, is that on young children, and even others, the skin can become intolerant of the salve. So you should change salve every 2-3 days so it doesn’t become irritated. I know it for a fact, as it happened with Rylen. Even now if I but on the B&W he will get a rashy-raised bumps reaction to it. So keep that in mind.

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2 Responses to Burns Update

  1. Tracy says:

    Glad he's healing well! I'm sorry that I wasn't much help when Lena called. 😦 But it sounds like you did the right thing. I like your blog!

  2. Tracy, that's fine. I just followed my gut feeling for the most part and the advise of others. Thanks for stopping by!

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