‘That’ Child

A shadow slips out the door
and glides silently down the hall.
If my eyes hadn’t been open
I’d have not heard him at all.

He stands at the window
With nose pressed to the glass.
Dreams of the fun from the day before
Playing with friends in the green grass.

All around him the stars
Shine so bright
Yet he stands there
No thought of fright.

 When Dad checks on him
By quietly padding down the hall
Wondering why ‘That’ child
Thinks this is an 11 o’clock ball.

‘That’ child is simply silent
With thumb in his mouth,
He’ll not utter a sound
You’d about think him a mouse.

But for the fact of the
Now silent bed,
You know that he’s missing
And from his room has fled.

So out to the kitchen
Dad silently goes
It’s time to tred softly

and watch those toes.

He leads a sleepy
But wide awake child
Back to his bed
Where you hope he stays ‘while.

And peaceful sleep
will come over us again.

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