Homemade Humor

After hearing ‘for the umpteenth time’ “Mom, I’m huuunnnggrryy.” I told Collin to ‘Stop your whining!’ ‘But Mom, I’m not whining. It just sounds like it!!”

‘Collin, are you getting it??’ I asked as he struggled to open the can of mushrooms. ‘It’s hard, Mom, and I have to keep backing up to do it again. But I am definitely getting it!!’

I enjoy listening to a my boys sing. Overhearing the words get mixed up is even better. “I got muscles!! I got muscles!” “He ith alive, He ith alive.” And ‘Walk, walk, walk!!’ Love my up and coming singers.:)

‘Hey, why you got my pig, Rylen?’ Pause ‘Oh, I sold it to him for 20 bucks.’ Another longish pause, as I continued to set up a farm for Rylen. ‘I only paid 6 bucks for it.’ ‘That’s a good turn-a-round!!’ I told him. A bit later I noticed Collin with is head turned into the foot of the couch. And about that time he asked me, ‘Why did you tell me to turn-a-round??’

‘Ok, you guys quit monkeying around!! Thats what happens, you make messes, when you act like monkeys.’ ‘It’s ok, ’cause that’s what we are, Mom, Monkeys!!’ ‘No, you’re not!!’ ‘What are we then??’ A conversation, while eating ice cream and getting it on his pants.

Collin was complaining about a friend wanting to go to the barn with him when he does his chores. So me, being ever so positive about it all, decided to tell him how I used to help on the farm!! My did his eyes get big… ‘I used to go to Uncle John’s barn with Mary Emma and help do chores when I was younger.’ ‘You did?!?!?’ *Eyes get big and he wiggles around to look at me better* ‘You went to the barn?? What did you do?? Did you help milk?’ *Wow, fast way to connect with your son!!* I tried to be *cool* about it and act like I knew what I was talking about. ‘Oh, yes, I helped milk.’ ‘You did?? Which cows did you milk?? The kicky cows??’ ‘No, the nice cows. Like the McDonald cow!’ ‘John had a McDONALD cow?!?!?!?!’

There is a long story behind the ‘McDonald cow’. When we first moved onto the farm 2 yrs ago, there was a cow that was very skinny, and very ugly. Somehow the guys in the barn were talking about her and how it is the cows like her that get made into burgers for McDonald’s. So now every cow that goes into her stall is the ‘McDonald Cow’. She was the first cow Collin put a milker on, and every cow in her stall, is the one he milks. Also a ‘McDonald Cow’ can be any cow that is very gentle and easy for him to put a milker on.

~Putting on his first milker at little over 2 yrs old. Collin was not far behind his Dad, who was around 2 yrs, when he put his first milker on.

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