For Such A Time As This

Wow!! I am am continually amazed at the ways God speaks to me. I find it awesome. I have been asking God to allow this to sink deeper into my heart. I want God’s will to shine in my life and not just my own wills and wants.

This is the 4th Chapter in the book ‘Voices of the True Women Movement’ By Nancy Leigh DeMoss. If you miss the first 3 Chapters and would like to read them can find the links here.

‘For Such A Time As This’ was written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. And she bases the story on Queen Esther. (I have always loved the story of Esther, and love the new lessons I have learned from it.)

In the Book of Esther, there are 2 stories going on at the same time, 2 perspectives, 2 world views, 2 ways of looking at life. There’s the drama you see and then there’s the drama behind the drama. There’s the obvious plot as well as the plot behind the plot.

The first plot is the visible-human one. The 2nd is the heavenly drama. The human one is built on a foundation of self while the heavenly one is God using man to fulfill His eternal purposes through event on earth.

So ‘We, as True Women, playing out our individual roles in the story of our times, must keep our eyes on what is unseen, knowing what our God is doing in the background is higher, broader, and more eternal then anything we can see with our natural sight.’

As the story of Esther unfolds, we see her become Queen, to a selfish arrogant King. And not really a place that she wanted to be.

But, ‘We need to view the turn of events through different lens. And see that this story is really about God and His agenda, God and His aims, God and His purposes.’

‘Esther is not the star but simply a player in the heavenly drama being acted out on an earthly stage.’

I am placed here for God’s kingdom purposes. And not my own. (How I want that thought stamped deep in my heart!!) Even though I may not like my present circumstances. God understands but He has a much bigger plan, a heavenly drama, much bigger then you or I could ever see or understand.

No matter where God has placed me or what God has given me to bear, I don’t want to be asking, ‘How will this circumstance affect me?’ or ‘How will it fulfill my wants and needs?’ The right question to ask is, ‘How does God want to use my position, my season in life, my place at this moment in time to fulfill His Kingdom purposes in the world?’

At times, life may seem so ‘unfair’. There maybe moments when details seem ‘trivial’ & ‘insignificant’. But God sees the eternal span when all we see is the here and now.I just need to remember to ‘Wait on the Lord, be patient and He will act in His way and in His time!’

Then there are the crisis moments, such as Esther’s, when her Uncle asked her to petition the King. God was willing to use Esther, if she was willing to be used. Mordicai asked ‘Who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?’

Whether it was Esther then or you/me today, only God knows-and only time will tell-why He has sovereignly placed you where you are right now, at this moment in history. You have been given a role to play, and no one else can fill it.

God can use each one of us, no matter what our gifts and abilities are or where we are in this season of life.

Esther didn’t act alone. She called every one to fast and pray with her. ‘Praying and fasting were preparing her heart and preparing the way for her to move forward with God’s intervening blessing on her behalf and on behalf of her people.’

We all know how Esther’s story turns out, her life was spared, as were the lives of her people.

While we may not feel like we have such an important role in life, we need to remember ‘We are each a tool in the hand of God, being applied to situations that may just feel like ‘everyday life’ to you but are actually backlit stages where the purposes of God  are being put on display from your street address. And He knows the audience He’s playing to, whether it be members of your family, church friends, random acquaintances-whoever needs to see His power at work in a surrendered heart-like mine and yours.’

As we are in the Battles of Life, our weapons are different, we use heavenly weapons & tactics. God’s play will not fail and through faith and obedience, we can be part of God’s plan. There is no situation so desperate that God can not redeem it. We must not judge the outcome of the battle by the way things look right now.

‘In every situation and circumstance of your life, God is always doing a thousand different things that you cannot see and you do not know.’ -John Piper-

Oh, that I would be willing to be used by God, in whatever way He sees best, in whatever way He needs me to move, in whatever way I can best be used to further His Kingdom!!!

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