Laundry Tips #5

I am by no means ‘the laundry queen’. But I do love doing wash.

So much so, that last week, even though we were so crazy busy, I managed to do at least one load of wash each day. Even though it took all day to do it. I’d throw it in the washer in the morning and then a few hours later remember as I went by. So then I’d throw it in the dryer. (I didn’t have time to hang them out on the line. I figured I was doing good just to get it all washed.) Then forget about it in the dryer ’til….

Then the next day, when I’d do another load, I’d throw the load in the dryer on my bed. When it came time to crawl under my covers, the clothes got piled on the floor. And yes, by the end of the week, there was quite an impressive pile in front of the dresser.

Collin would come to my bedside at 6:30am and wonder where his clean clothes were. ‘Beside the bed, in that pile somewhere,’ was my sleepy reply. So he’d paw through it, find what he needed and go out the door. Half hour later, when I crawled out, I pushed it all back into a neat pile rumpled haystack. And leave it ’til I stacked another load on top.

Let just say that until Saturday, when I finally got all my wash folded and put neatly back in drawers, it took most of the day to catch up!!

And today, I finally hung wash out, for the first time in about 2 weeks. Oh, I just love the smell of line dried clothes!!

And finally, another laundry tip… If your line is in full sun, as is mine, turn your clothes inside out and they won’t fade. But don’t ask me if I do it all the time… because I don’t!! It just seems to counterdict the whole thing of doing wash. I mean, when you are sorting wash, you are turning things right side out. And there are enough things that go back to inside out in the washer, why go turn them all inside out to hang them out?? Only have to to turn them all back right side out when you fold them!! But if it is something dressy, dark that easily fades, or is already inside out, it will get hung ‘inside out’.

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