Homemade Humor 2

‘Wow, lightning again,’ I remarked on the way home. ‘Yay, lightning!! Thunder and lightning!!’ Cheered Collin, ‘Crack, boom, right on target!!’ He has fallen in love with thunder storms, not sure how or why. Maybe it has to do with the fact that his Mom loves thunder storms too.

After listening to some of his tall tales about owls and thunderstorms, his Dad asked him, ‘Who was giving you this information??’ ‘Oh, nobody,’ replied Collin. ‘It was just coming out of my own brain!!’ (We sure know he is capable of that!!)

While observing a heifer cleaning her twin dead calves, Collin remarked, “We should just put them back inside her. Let them be there when they alive, and come out again.” (That way they would be born living.) Sad part of farm life, but so it goes. It is the first heifer calf, to calve, that was born after we bought the farm 2 years ago.

FYI—–I am raising BOYS – NOT running a nudist camp!!! Just to clarify, in case anyone wonders. {I have yet to find the missing diaper.}

While I was out mowing, I was met by a WAILING son!!! So I shut everything down, and asked what was wrong. ‘I’m gonna DIE!!!’ Wondering if he was bleeding where I couldn’t see I asked ‘What happened?’ ‘I got shocked!!’ He proceeded to show me his toes, certain his life was going to end at any moment!!! (I’m sure glad it didn’t!!!) 😉 If you have ever gotten shocked by an electric fence, you know the current travels through your body and it tingles at the place of exit-in his case his toes!!

*sccrraapppee* I hear the kitchen stool being pushed across the floor, soon the clatter of utensils, the happy shrieks of little boys, and I begin to wonder what is happening. One child, (‘that’ child) appears in the office door way sporting a knife. I ‘fly’ out of my chair. ‘Collin, why does HE have a knife?’ ‘Oh, he wanted to chase me with it.’ was the reply. I’m gonna have to put every.dangerous.thing.under.lock.&.key!!!

While saying Psalm 23 with Collin, we got to ‘He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake’, so I was explaining what it all means… ‘He holds our hand and leads us, where He wants us to go’. And then he asked, ‘But how do we know how to get back??’

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