Woman After God’s Own Heart

Hannah-What a woman of faith, and a woman who honors her prayers!! Whenever I think of Hannah, I think of her prayers for a child and her commiment to give him back to God.

Each of my boys have been prayed for, and it was with fear that I carried each one to term. I have had 3 miscarriages and many scares with each pregnancy. So my womb and baby are covered in prayers. And this chapter was a very good reminder that my children are not my own, but God’s!! They are just loaned to me for as long He desires them to be here.

This is the 5th chapter of the book ‘Voices of the True Woman Movement’ by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Go here to read my reviews on the previous 4 chapters.

‘The Lord had closed Hannah’s womb’. How many of us wonder at the power of God?? Do we question His purpose in the plan He has for us?? When things don’t go the way we would plan them?? Does it make God seem uncaring?? Many times we don’t trust that God is working in ways we don’t understand. Can I trust & accept God’s will for my life, even if it’s not what I want, right now??

Hannah was having a hard time accepting God’s will for her. In her day, not being able to bear a child was a matter of deep shame and loss of value. And her husband’s 2nd wife was having lots of children. Can you imagine the hardships she had to endure, having it in front of her all the time??

Eli, Hannah’s husband, suggested going to the temple to pray. I think Hannah was ready to just lay it all down and give it to God. She was tired of carrying the burden of it all. And we find that at the height of her prayer, she ‘vowed a vow’. She vowed to give her son back to God, if He would give her one.

Would I be able to pray that, and mean it??

‘Lord, I will trust you. I surrender myself to You. I so believe in Your provision, compassion and care, that if You give me a son, I will show You my love by giving him back to You.’

It is a prayer that could change a nation!!

And then God answered Hannah’s prayer. He gave her a son, whom she named ‘Samuel’ because ‘I have asked for him from the Lord’.

But can you imagine all the painful emotions she must have felt?? She knew that her time with her son was short, and yet she loved him with her whole heart. Hannah trained him, nutured him, and taught him all that she could in the few years that she had him. All the while knowing with each passing day, it was one day closer to the day she would have to give him up.

God knows what a Mother’s Love is. He knows the bond a Mother and child have. And He knew Hannah was a ‘True Woman’. She had a million reasons to say, ‘About that vow I made, God? I’ve changed my mind. I said it in a moment of frustration. I just can’t go through with it now. He’s become my boy. I’m not giving him up.’

But that is not what Hannah did. She chose to trust God and say, ‘Yes, Lord’. Hannah let go of her own plans. She knew that God was in charge, not herself.

Motherhood gives us feelings of fuzzy blankets and baby rattles and toys to line the crib. But motherhood is actually one of God’s refining fires. The reality of motherhood is that it’s a place to learn surrender, letting go, trusting and believing that God is God.

Motherhood gives us the opportunity to interact with history. Our prayers don’t just become part of protecting our children from harm and from hazards of their own making, but with God in control, our prayers for our children can make a mark on our nation.

True woman, like Hannah, trust God enough to believe He has great things planned for the babies He has given us-babies we give back to Him for His use, His kingdom, His glory!!!

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