A Quick Question

A quick question here…

And I know, 3rd post in one day!!! Not good, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and do something at my computer besides a quick email check and a bit of ‘facebooking’.

As for the question– How do you clean your wash machine?? As in DEEP clean it?? I do the normal cleaning of the machine, wiping all the cracks and lid and stuff. But some where I am getting black flakes of something on my clothes. And I know it comes from the wash machine. It is just small bits, and when it first comes out of the machine, and you try to take it off, it will actually leave a mark and look worse. It flakes off fairly easily when it’s dry, but will tend to leave a small mark.

Is it from hard water build up?? Something from my homemade laundry soap?? Or because I use vinegar to rinse?? Although I wouldn’t know why they would be a cause.

Any ideas would be a great help!!! I’ve looked it up online and don’t find a whole lot for the problem.

Thanks so much!!

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2 Responses to A Quick Question

  1. Ashley says:

    To clean/sanitize my washer I run a cycle (with the washer empty) with the hottest water and add bleach to it. Also, my washer has a place in the center-agitator thing for dispensing fabric softener, and I discovered one time that it was FULL of a black sludgy buildup from when I used to use fabric softener. There was a way to detach this part of the agitator, so I took it off and cleaned it with bleach. It took forever to get it clean because I just kept having to flush it with really hot water and shake it to get all the black stuff to come out. Good luck 🙂

    • tenderherb says:

      Thanks SO much, Ashley!!!! I oftened wondered about that center thing. And I have tried to take it apart before but it didn’t seem to want to, so I didn’t force it. But this morning I DID!!! Oh. My. Word. Was there alot of black sluggish stuff in there!!! The hole was almost filled up, and so gross. I took pictures and will try to get a post up next week. Hopefully others can learn from this too. Imagine-I was ‘washing’ clothes in that junk!!! Fabric softener is not all it’s cracked up to be.

      Thanks again!!

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