God’s Jewel’s

This is Chapter 7 in the book ‘Voices of the True Woman Movement’.

‘God’s Jewels’ was written by Joni Eareckson Tada.

We are God’s Jewels!

Real stones can take a good scrubbing, unlike fake ones that will crumble. God will refine us as silver and rest us as gold is tested. Zech 14:9 Am I genuine enough to with stand a real scrubbing when God chooses to do so to my soul?

Can I reflect God’s image on my surface> Do I shine with His godliness, His patience, His perseverance shining through my eyes?

‘God cares most, not about making us comfortable, but about teaching us to hate our transgressions and to grow up spiritually-to love Him’.

There are times God needs to pull out the brush and do a scrubbing on whatever may be needing it. Or He needs to chip & bang at areas in our heart that needs to be smoothed out. As He works on my heart & I obey, in small, yet great ways, it’s then that God miraculously changes me.

I want to yield to the chisel and I want to serve others while I wait. I am being fashioned into a jewel for the Crown of my King.

You and I are silver. You and I are gold.

You and I are His.

And by His strength, I will make it.

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