Corn Rows

Every year I have this ‘Love-Hate’ relationship with corn fields.

In the spring I LOVE watching the corn come up in rows, watching it grow. And then by July, you can almost watch it grow by the foot overnight!!

And then I begin to have the ‘Hate’ part… it grows so tall, I no longer can see over my rolling hills, or over to my In-Laws. I begin to feel ‘closed-in’. 

The feeling lasts until they begin chopping corn!! And then I all of a sudden realize, ‘I love my tall corn, it was hiding my place. I love the protection it was giving me!!’ And I don’t like them taking it all down!!!

What a fickle thing, eh?? (See how tall the corn is on the chopper?? How would you like to drive into that all day??)

We had an awesome growing season this summer. We had lots of rain and heat, and the corn matured quickly. It’s the earliest we’ve done corn, since I’ve been married to my farmer husband.

The man we bought the farm from does custom work, and does all the chopping for us. So the men have all been hard at it since Monday morning.

A quick break while unloading.

Watching the action… and begging to go out too.

Heading out to ride with Dad. They would both ride ALL. Day. Long.!!! Collin has been getting up very early, not wanting to miss any action. Last night he stayed out with his Dad, ’til after 9. After a shower he ‘hit the hay’ and was out ‘like a light’!!!

While serving the men supper off the bed of the pick-up, Collin brought a handful of Corn Silage over to me. I started to tell him to get it out of there. It was windy and would have blown across the food. But he’s like, ‘No, Mom, I want you to smell it!!’ He is a farmer’s son!!

It rained this morning, a nice shower. So the chopping stopped, but now they are at it again. And it’s a ‘Beehive’ around here once again.

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