Interesting Reads & Views

  • ‘The Business of Being Born’

I heard of this video through a friend. And then there was a link posted on my FB page to YouTube. I just had to check it out!! And I am so glad I did! I have not nearly watched all of it yet, as I only can during short snatches without my very inquisitive son around. But what I have seen, wow!!!

It makes me realize that what I thought was ‘Natural Birth’ wasn’t as much as I thought I was having.

Here is the link to view this on YouTube. There are 10, 8 minute clips that you view to watch the whole video.


  • I don’t say too much about my view of shots, because I know it a very controversial subject. My boys have never had a shot, nor do I plan to ever give them one. I found this, link to a humorous take on the flu shot, on a friends Facebook page.


  • Here is a post on Super Mom vs. Abiding Mom. Wow!!! I think I will print it out and hang it up where I can it read. Every. Day.


  •  If you are raising preschoolers, you might find this blog a good inspiration for teaching ideas. It’s a Tot School Blog. I am looking forward to teaching Collin this school year. I am going to try to do a more structured teaching style. But plan to only go as he seems ready and willing to go. He is FINALLY getting his colors. Although they still tend to be ‘Hollan(d)’ (blue) ‘John Deere’ (green) ‘Jersey’ (brown) and now and then he gets red right.

There that will give you something to read and watch for a while. Be blessed!!

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