Following the Crowd


I had to think of this today… Do I just go along with the flow of life?? Doing whatever I hear, read or see to do?? Or do I consider the source? Do I look at all the angles, see if it is something I want in my life, or something I should let pass by?

How often do I see or read something that sounds good, sounds sound and comes from a ‘reliable source’, and later I find out it was something I should not have listened to or believe in. Do I double-check sources and read up on the facts about what I have learned? Or do I take for granted the studies that are done are all safe??

The more I read and learn, the more I wish others knew. But I know from experience if I try to tell others, who are not open to change, it doesn’t go across very good. So I just tend go keep things to myself. But if someone is open to learning, I’ll tell you all I know. [Smile]

Just this morning, I was researching yeast and things to do to get rid of it. If you have been following my blog for long, you know Collin’s Story. And if you have read, Our Journey to Wellness, you know why I have chosen the path I am taking my family on. So anyway, I have learned some new things to try. And I am looking forward to trying these things…

Some of my favorite sources for studying herbs and their properties is Bulk Herb Store. And Shoshanna has some awesome, inspiring,  and energetic YouTube clips out too. So now I have a big herb order placed, and next week I can begin making some tinctures and salves. And hopefully, with the combination of about 3 different things, we can begin making progress on ridding my son’s body of yeast.

So how do you know what to believe and what not to?? Do you just accept whatever you want to as truth? Or do you check different studies and do your own studies on it?? Checking facts written before the ‘study’ came out.

What got me thinking on all this today, is as I was making bread this afternoon, I realized I have made changes to my recipe that I didn’t inform my readers about. My bread had been turning out crumbly and dry-ish. And I wasn’t sure why. Well, a while back I made bread and for some reason I forgot to add the ‘lecithin’. And it turned out absolutely wonderful!!! In fact, we polished off a loaf of bread that afternoon.

It took me a bit to figure out what I did differently and in looking at my recipe, I realized something I never gave a thought of before. My recipe says, ‘Lectin’. Not ‘Lecithin’.  When Mom had given me the recipe, she told me where she gets the lecithin, and she called it ‘Lectin’. So I got it there too, knowing the words were different. But I thought she was just saying it wrong. So then I went online and googled the 2 different words. And they are 2 different things, that do 2 different things!! Go look it up and find out for yourself. I haven’t searched real hard for ‘lectin’, but the one store where I got the lecithin doesn’t carry lectin.

So it was a lesson for me in learning to read and find out things for myself, and not just go by what I hear and read and see. Find out what relates to each other in making a fact a fact. It’s just like interpreting scriptures, we don’t just pull out a phrase here and there, to use as we want, making it say what we want. We compare scripture with scripture and don’t take it out of context.

May you be blessed this week-end!!

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