Our Diet Change

*I bawled*

As I lay snuggled in my hubby’s arms, I finally let it out. I cried!!! And it felt sooo good!!! I will be the first to admit, as much as I tried to stay positive. As much as I tried to keep up beat. As much as I told myself, ‘I can do this’… I collapsed. And I bawled.

The questions roll through my brain, ‘Why me? Why us?’ ‘Why do I have to be the different one? Why do we have to do everything against the current? Why can’t it be someone else?’

And yet, for some reason, God has asked us to ‘walk through this valley’. For some reason He has made me the way I am. He has a purpose for my life. He has a purpose in making me ‘different’.

Can I accept His will, His plan?? I can and I will! It just might take a bit of time.

It will take time to accept not being able to eat yeast. It’ll take time to accept not eating sugar. And it will take LOTS of time to get used to not eating flour/gluten. Wheat is a staple of life. Why does that have to be included too??

I’ve known for a while now that more steps needed to be added to ‘Our Wellness Journey’. But I dreaded taking them. I didn’t know where to turn in my studying. But I knew it would mean more changes in our lives, hard changes. Changes that would not be easy for our boys. And I knew that the culture and society we live in, would not make it any easier. I just bulked at the whole idea.

I hoped the problems would resolve themselves. I hoped that with time & small, simple diet changes, they would all go away and heal themselves.

But instead things seemed to be getting worse. My rash of itchy bumps have increased, to the degree of really hurting. (And I did finally try an antibiotic, but it didn’t help one drop!) My energy levels keep dropping. And nothing I do or did seemed to be helping. Oh, they may for a short time, but I am soon back to slugging my way through the day.

Collin’s yeast infections come and go on a continual basis. They never totally go away, just staying below the surface to pop at the slightest thing. He would have days of insecurities and clinginess as he did as a toddler. And no amount of acidophilus or probiotic seemed to help.

And my babies in diapers are still prone to the bad diaper rashes.

My questions have always been, ‘Why?’ ‘What is causing all this? What is the root problem?’ So I began digging and studying some more.

It happened mostly by accident really. I was looking for some cookie recipes with little or no sugar in them. And in asking a friend, she bumped into some on the ‘WellTellMe’ site. I had kinda forgotten about that site. So I soon began browsing for some ideas on the yeast end of things. But there were still some things that were not lining up.

So I messaged another friend. And in looking at everything, we decided there are deeper, under lying issues. So we are digging deeper and we will see what answers we come up with. But for right now we are going to treat the yeast end of it.

Yeast is OK in our bodies, as long as it’s in control. Once it’s out of control, it can cause lots of problems! And it does not take much to send it out of control.

We all know yeast feeds on sugar. And of course, yeast makes more yeast. So no eating yeast… And we have chosen to cut out gluten for right now, to see how our bodies respond. Then after 4-6 weeks on this diet, will reevaluate from there.

I am also going to be doing some herbal remedies for treating yeast. But I need to get some stuff in town yet… (Gotta get my Hubby to come with.) I honestly don’t know if yeast is something I have or not, but for some reason my boys have had it from birth. So it can’t hurt me to cleanse my body of any of it.

Going sugar-free is something I have been working towards for the last 6 months. So it is actually the easiest and simplest step for our family. Although, I will admit, it will not be easy when going away. I will just have to learn to take my own foods and snacks.

Sugar is very hard on a person’s body. Our bodies were not made to handle all the sugar we give it in this day and age. Just think about how much of the food you eat has some sort of sugar added to it. Sugar is very hard on our immune systems and it feeds cancer.

I didn’t think going yeast-free would be but so bad. But as I have been studying and reading books, I have been amazed at what all foods contain yeast or molds of some sort. So I am finding it a bit more challenging.

But now, when it comes to gluten-free living-that is the hard one!!! Flour is in everything!! I won’t be able to bake much. The easy, quick meals and snacks are out. I can use Millet and rice flour and a few other things, but the texture is just not the same.

I hope this answers at least some of the many questions I have been receiving. Some of you have not been making it easy. My natural tendency is to try to grab your hand and take you along with me. It’s not easy traveling this road, pretty much, alone. This life-style change is out of nature for the culture we live in.

Our bodies are all different. We all handle things differently and God has us all at different places in life. And right now it’s my turn to evaluate my health and the health of my family. How I choose to live and feed my kids is my own choice, as it is your choice how you want to live and feed your family.

We live, we learn, and we grow. We read, we study and we learn. We have choices, we make decisions and we make changes. All based on what we study, what we hear and what we read. And all that depends on where we go for our info.

May you be blessed as you study and learn and grow.

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22 Responses to Our Diet Change

  1. Shy says:

    Ahh, wrap yourself in a hug from me! How well I know how it is to cut lose and have a good cry! I feel your pain, know how it is to go on the diets but I promise it gets better and soon you can do it without thinking. Even your kids will be able to pick out what they can’t have and that will take a load off the hovering over them when not at home! Keep up the work and don’t give up, you can do it!

  2. Rhoda Mullet says:

    Thanks for sharing… I could identify with most of what you shared. Just know I will be praying for you and yours! It is so hard to make some of the choices that we need to do for our good. I remember the sugar and whea free days very well. Blessings on your journey!

  3. Gina says:

    Your a brave one to take this step against the normal tide. Keep focused on the goal, and know you are doing what you know best at this time. You can do it. Be thankful your husband supports you also. Love you.

  4. Rosetta says:

    Lois, you just amaze me. It’s like you said at the beginning “why me” but I think God knew you could handle it. I’m sure the change is not easy but remember God and your family is with you every step of the way. Hang in there. ~Rosetta

  5. Laura Gingerich says:

    Lois! we will be praying for you as you try to cook gluten free , Maybe Sandy could get yoi some recipes as I know they have some people in their chruch who are on such a diet. hope it help with your prombles,God be there for you…

  6. Anna says:

    I was just reading through some of your other posts on here about your journey… You’ve made some amazing changes and as difficult as this looks to you now, I know you can do it!! Remember…the difficulties God allows in our lives are just Him showing confidence is us:) Prayin’ for ya!!

  7. Sara Miller says:

    Renae has learned to cook gluten-free for years now. Shawn cannot have wheat. It’s amazing what recipes she comes up when it is hard not to have bread or pasta. I see that you did ‘friend’ her, so ask questions and share ideas. This is just part of their life now, just like them having a special needs child, they have adapted and still consider themselves a TYPICAL FAMILY. Good luck and lots of prayers your way to be strong. And I know you are….after all you are part MILLER!!!

  8. Dorothy Mullet says:

    Keep up the good work. It is hard I’ve tried it many times and I slip back in. So I’ll have to keep you in mind as I once again give the sugar up. I like to follow Karen Hurd’s diet plan. You can read about her at http://www.karenhurd.com She is known as the bean lady. A gluton free site I know about is http://lynnskitchenadventures.com/lra/
    She too has had a lot of health issues. So God bless you on your journey and I pray you can find answers and more people who can help you along your journey.

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