Making a Tincture

I just got done making a couple tinctures this morning. And gave the first dose to Collin… To say the least he was not impressed. But hey, we are gonna take it. We are gonna get rid of those ‘Yeastie Beasties’, as my friend put it.

It is really easy to make a tincture. And I love making them myself. I can add what I want and fine tune it to meet my needs. It is very pricey to purchase premade ones.

Here’s what ya need-

  • 80 or 100 Proof Vodka
  • Food Grade Glycerin
  • Herbs-whatever you are needing
  • Clean jar(s)
  • Crockpot

Fill your jar about half full of dried herbs. If you have fresh herbs, fill it full. I started out with small jars, but decided they were not big enough. So I switched to pints. Next time I might use half pints. Then I can use my small crock pot that has a ‘keep warm’ setting. My pints are too big for my small crock.

Fill jar with Vodka and/or Glycerin. You can do it with one or the other or both. I did both, as I’m giving it to Collin and the taste should be better. (But I don’t think I got enough glycerin in it.) Vodka pulls the herbal properties out better, but the glycerin has a much better taste!!

You can do it 2 different ways from here. Either take 3-6 weeks and let it break down naturally or put it in the crock-pot for 3 days. If you just let it sit, you need to store it in a cool, dark spot, like your cupboard. And shake it every day. If in the crock, I still shake it once or twice a day. You just want to make sure all the herbs are wet and it’s breaking down.

Your crock pot needs to be warm. You don’t want to cook the herbs, just heat them. So in my bigger crock, I’d turn it on for a few hours then turn off for a few hours. And covering with a towel keeps the heat in nicely as well.

These are done and ready for straining.

After you have strained, squeeze all the herbs really good by hand. And, yes, I have stains on my hands from the last batch, that Black Walnut is powerful stuff!! Don’t let your tinctures touch metal for long. I did mine into a glass bowl, through a metal strainer.


Pour into  jars and label. Labeling is very important!!! I had made some glycerites a while ago, and only labeled what to use it for, not what all I put in, so I have no clue what is actually in them.

For a good video tutorial check out Mountain Rose Herbs. He explains things a lot more thoroughly. Like why you use Vodka, etc. If you want more info on ‘Glycerite’ making check out Bulk Herb Store’s info.

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