Reading List

My stack of books I want to read this winter… (Not necessarily in this order.)

Daughter’s of Eve, Daughters of God- Inspiration for women desiring to grow in godliness. 

Lies Women Belive -We are actually doing a book study on this on Wed. evenings at our church. I have been thoroughly blessed and challanged. I’d encourage everyone to read it, if you get a chance! I feel like I’ve not been reading it good enough, so want to read it more thoroughly later. I’m sure I’ll new learn things every time I read it. It’s just that type of book.

A Chance to Die– The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael

The Five Languages of Apology– Given to me, and told it’s a really good book.

The Way They Learn– Recommended to me after posting about trying to teach Collin his colors.

Fascinating Womanhood– ‘How the Ideal Woman awakens a Man’s deepest love and tenderness.’ ‘A book of inspirational feminine secrets that can save your marriage and enrich your life…’   Another VERY good book. I think I’ve read it twice already, but I can learn new things every time I read it!! She also has a book ‘The Fascinating Girl’, that my sister’s say is very good. It is a very practical book in teaching us the feminine qualities we have and how to use them.

The Body Ecology DietRecovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity I think this will be the first book I am going to read. It has a lot to do with Our Diet Change last week.

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2 Responses to Reading List

  1. Anna says:

    I have a couple of those on mt list to read too:) Five Languages of Apology sounds interesting…might have to read that one too!

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