8 Ways to Love Your Husband

 ::Tell him, ‘I love you’::

It may seem obvious enough, but how many time so you actually say the words? We do every night before dropping off to sleep. But there are the times, when my Delvyn is heading out the door, that he’ll pause, look at me and mouth the words, ‘I love you’. It makes my heart soar!! Wouldn’t our husbands benefit from a similar action? Maybe while he’s reading the paper or a book, stop and whisper the words in his ear… or mouth is across the room in a public setting…

::Leave Reminders::

The other week, while going through some rough spots, I decided to write ‘I Love You’, on the shower wall. (It was fun listening to the pause, as he stepped into the shower.) You could write it on a steamy mirror, send him a text, or leave him a voice mail. You could send him a note in his lunch, or mail him a card at work… the ideas are endless.

::Pray For Him::

And let him know you pray for him. Bless him by praying for him, out loud, when you are together. Spend a moment praying over him when he is having a rough day. Pray a blessing over him before he leaves for the day. Our husbands are bombarded with evil, every day, all day, via the internet, billboards, newspapers, immodesty, newsstands, and the list goes on. He needs the hedge of protection on prayer can give.

::Part on Loving Terms::

Ouch!! This one stomps all over my own 2 feet!! I am one who, when feeling misunderstood, will go sullen and quiet. It has taken a while for me to learn that when I am in one of ‘those moods’, it makes my hubby dread coming home or back into the house. I try to be loving when we say our ‘good-byes’. He may know I’m hurting, but he needs to know I still love him and am not holding anything against him. So that when he comes back in, he won’t be meet by a cold wife when he comes back in. Remember this is still something I am working on & I didn’t really want to post this… but I will.

::Treat Him As King Of His Castle::

When my husband comes in after a long day of work, do I meet him at the door with a Welcoming Hug and kiss? Or am I the one who is wanting to unload? Many times I am guilty of this. After having the boys most of the day, I am the one feeling ready for a break. And I forget that he is KING of this castle I live in. If he was truly a King would I not meet him at the door, asking him about his day? And be ready to listen about his hard day of work?

On the same note-Keep his Castle clean. I never like coming home, from being gone all day, to a ‘trashed’ house. And I expect my husband to enjoy walking in to a house that all but looks like a tornado went through?? Yet, as he wades through dirty, sticky floors covered with toys and papers and whatnot, he is expected to feel that he is the ‘King’. While I know that it is not always possible-believe me, I know, I have 3 boys!! I have decided to bless Delvyn by keeping the kitchen cleaned up. The table is the first big thing you see when you walk in the door, that is my main focus, then the rest, floors last (that’s an ALL day job keeping up with them).

::Listen to Him Dream::

Men need to dream!! They still have that ‘little boyness’ inside of them. And even though they may seem big, wild and impossible dreams, let him dream. Let him talk, plan… Dream!! And you just listen. Don’t go dumping a bucket of cold water on it by stating the obvious ‘can’t’s’ and ‘it won’t happen’s’. Get excited with him! You are his sounding board. Don’t show disinterest or act uncaring. He needs your support. There is a song by Paul Overstreet that I love, called ‘She Support’s Her Man’. But it’s not on YouTube that I could find. Sorry. (The link takes you to the words.)

::Build Him Up::

One of the best ways to build a man up, is to publicly praise him. Tell other wives what your husband has done or is doing. (Or blog about it. smile) Let others know what you love about that man you fell in love with years ago. Don’t criticize him to others, much less in front of him, thinking it will make him want to change. It won’t!! It will do the opposite. I have watched other wives do it and can see the pain in their husbands eyes, it hurts!! Do you like to be belittled in front of your peers? We need to focus on the positive points, polish them to a shine and no one will notice the rough spots.

::Learn His Love Language::

…And then speak it to him. I’ve heard that when couples take ‘The Love Language Quiz’, (printable) the husband will have known what his wife’s is, but more often then not, she will not have known his. How sad!! I was guilty of this for a long time, and it’s still not easy for me to speak my husband’s Love Language, so I have to make an effort to do it. And then I love seeing the shine in his eyes when he realizes the work it took for me to tell him.

I know there are many, many more ways that we can show our husbands that we love them!! I’d love to know creative ways you have found. Please share in the comments…

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