Comic Collection

I have this odd collection…

When did I start it?? Soon after we got married.

Why did I start this collection?? I don’t know. I loved reading them and they were too nice to just trash or recycle. So I saved and saved.

How big is it?? It’s overflowing.

(And this is only a small portion of it.)

Will I get rid of it? Nope!! My boys and other children love it!! It has been a great source of entertainment for many a child. Reader and non-reader alike. And, yes, it is worth the mess!! Papers do get trashed as they get ripped and badly wrinkled.

My favorite comics of all times is ‘Baby Blues’!!! *Wonder if it’s because I can relate so well?!?!?* Next is ‘Family Circus’, then Zits!!

Does having an ‘Odd Collection’ make me ‘odd’??

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