Test Results…

I got the call from my Dr. this evening… The call I had both been dreading and wanting all day. The call I had been anticipating and yet really knew I didn’t want… They had told me a nurse would call with the results, but when I heard it was my Dr. I knew it was not going to be what I wanted to hear, but it would be the results I was expecting.

You see, on Tues. I went to a Dr. 1 1/2 hrs away. He took one look at me and knew my thyroid was way out of whack. ‘There’s your energy problem’. He poked on my stomach and barely pushed and I was about coming off the bed!! He told me, ‘I should be able to put #20 of pressure on a stomach. I barely did #10 on yours’. So he knew my intestines were all messed up.

They took a prick of blood, after scanning it, he came in and told me ‘Your red cells are plenty, but look stressed & weak. Your white cells are working hard, fighting something. And there is yeast and fungus all over!!’ (Causing the sore stomach/intestines.)

He wanted to do the thyroid test and was fine with only doing that. I wanted the other test too. He didn’t think it totally necessary, but knowing what I knew we decided we should just do both. So I had lotsa blood drawn and we went home to wait.

I knew in my heart the test I was really hoping would not be positive, would not be that, it would be positive!! So when I heard my Doctor’s voice on the phone, I knew. In his words he said, ‘You tested VERY positive for Lyme Disease!’ And yes, my thyroid is very low as well.

I go back on Monday to decide what our course of action will be. Since slower is better, that is probably the way I will go, although part of me says, ‘do it and get it over with’. But Lyme is not something to be treated in that way.

The way it is, I will probably get worse long before I get better. And we are just at the beginning of this road. There is a very high probability that all three of my boys have it, by my passing it on to them. And they got the yeast from me as well. (So no sugar, or anything that feeds yeast, for a long, long while!!) This is not something to just take an antibiotic for and it’s done with.

Lyme is a very controversial disease. And many have their own ideas as to what works, and what won’t. I have a friend who has helped many, many people down this road. She is actually the one who told me that I probably have Lyme. No, it’s not something I want to hear. But I’m just happy to have an answer to all our health issues over the past years.

…’we have recognized that today many if not most Americans are carriers of the infection. Most infected people are symptomatic, but the severity and type of the symptoms varies greatly. The microbes often invade tissues that had been injured: your chronic neck pain or sciatica really may be a Bb(Lyme) infection. The same may be true for your chronic TMJ problem, your adrenal fatigue, your thyroid dysfunction, your GERD and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms. Many Bb symptoms are mistaken for problems of natural or premature aging.’ Excerpt from this article.

I am still learning about Lyme. And I have barely skimmed the surface of all there is to know and study. But right now my brain feels too foggy to think straight (part of Lyme), my body is working so hard fighting, I have no energy and don’t do much more than I have to.

I realize now, looking back, that my energy levels have been dropping for the past year and more. And that’s why many, many people told me that, in our family picture last year, I looked so tired!! I was, but thought it was just from taking care of 3 little boys. This summer I would have 2, maybe 4 ‘good’ days a week, where I really felt like working. Otherwise, I am perfectly happy to just take it easy. I barely can keep up with cleaning my house, much less doing much else extra. And it explains why this summer when friends would ask me to do something fun with them, it wore me out just thinking about it. If I have a full, fun/working day, the next day or two I’ll be crashed. It was just my life and I didn’t think anything more of it. Until Sept. and Our Diet Change  hit. Then my eyes were opened.

I have just been amazed at the way God has opened and closed doors the past month. And the way He has met our needs. The way He has lead, I know He will continue to lead. Even though my heart cries, ‘Why me? Why us? How will I be able to go through being sick for days and months? How am I suppose to be a wife and mom?’ This all really seems overwhelming right now. But I know with God ALL things are possible. And I can make it ‘One Day at a Time’!!

And please keep us in your prayers, as we make decisions in the next few days and weeks. Thanks to all of our friends who have given us so much support. It means more then you will ever know!!!

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9 Responses to Test Results…

  1. Louise says:

    Oh, Lois, I feel both your pain and the relief of finally having a reason. I wish I could somehow do something to help … clean your house or bring you a meal. May the arms of the Father be ever near, as you sort everything out & make your recovery. Love & Prayers!

  2. Galyn Graber says:

    Oh, Lois! I do not understand everything about Lyme Disease and all that you are going through, but I do wish I was closer, if only to baby-sit your boys sometime and come wash your dishes and clean your floors! It is so not fun to not have energy or feel well enough to do regular housework and take care of your family. If there is anything I can do from here, let me know. Here’s hoping that your friends and family pitch in and help you through this time. I miss getting together with you!

  3. Liz Esh says:

    Lois I could hardly keep from crying when I read this. I don’t know if you know or not but when we lived in Wisconsin last year I was so sick. Sam doesn’t think I’d be alive anymore if we wouldn’t have gotten help. I was in bed for weeks literally unable to do almost anything. Sometimes I couldn’t even dress myself or take care of myself. I was so tired I had to sleep before I ate. It was awful and a lot of my days are still awful. I was in and out of the ER four times, had 911 out a few times, and they didn’t know what to do. I was diagnosed with Lymes almost a year ago but didn’t start treating it strongly until the beginning of this year. I was also diagnosed because Brenda gave me the idea that’s what it might be. I’m so thankful for her. Anyway, I want you to know whatever you go through I so understand if that helps. It looks hopeless if you look at the future. I have five children and it is not easy at all. It didn’t only hit me physically but in many other ways too. Lymes in my opinion is one of the most nasty diseases. I know it’s not quickly fatal like cancer but it is in it’s own way just as nasty. But don’t despair. Don’t look at the future. Look at just the next hour. And remember God loves you and is in control of you and your body and your future. Sorry to write such a long post but when people say they have Lymes I almost cry because of the struggle it is to live with it. It does take a long time, the treatments aren’t easy, and you will probably get worse first. I’m still on that part. Take the present and nothing but that and in everything, Lois, remember you have a wonderful Heavenly Father. He will take care of tomorrow. I will be praying for you a lot. Love, Liz

    • tenderherb says:

      Thanks, Liz!!! Yes, I knew you were so sick from Lyme. And that part scares me! Just knowing how sick I may get, how much worse it could become… I know we caught it before I got as bad as you were and for that I’m thankful (But sorry for you). And I’m hoping if I take slow baby steps I won’t have such bad herxing!!

      And yes, Brenda Martin is the one helping me. She is the one that told me it probably is Lyme. And she has been great in walking me through all this stuff. Hopefully you start seeing improvements soon!!! Take care and I’ll be praying for you as well!!

  4. Anna says:

    I’m so glad you are finally getting the answers you searched long and hard for…even if its not exactly what you “want” to hear. I know the road ahead looks long…I can only imagine! But you have such an amazing outlook on life right now…I know you’ll pull through this “test” with flying colors:) I will definitely be praying for you and please do let me know if we can do anything to help!!

  5. Shy says:

    I don’t have anything grand and wondrous to say, just I feel for you. I know the dread/relief of test results though! God promises grace for all things, ALL things. Remember that.

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