Be Your Own Doctor

Just a note to those living near by or within State… I am trying to get an order together to order a case (26) of the book ‘Be Your Own Doctor’ by Rachel Weaver. The cost would be $20/book. A savings of $4.50 plus shipping if you were to order your own.

This book is very informative on Home Herbal Health Care!! Written in basic, simple terms you can understand and gives ideas on what to do for many illnesses and ailments.

Please let me know… The sooner you do, the sooner we will order. And the sooner you can have your book. (And the sooner I can have mine. smile) I do have around 12 spoken for, so we are about half way there. Thanks!

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5 Responses to Be Your Own Doctor

  1. Anna says:

    missed this post…but i’d take one if you haven’t ordered yet:)

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