Lyme According to Me


‘A Spirochete’

There are moments I think my brain will explode from all the info I’ve been cramming into it and from trying to process it all and then needing to decide what is the best thing to do!!!

So I am here ‘de-junking’ my brain… and hoping it will help those of you who don’t understand Lyme and what all I am facing, and to know what I have ahead of me.

The more I read, the more I am realizing the ‘hugeness’ of Lyme (note: it is ‘Lyme’ not ‘Lyme‘s’!!) disease. It is very misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated in the medical field. And sadly, most of the medical field does not want to recognize there is such a thing as ‘Chronic Lyme disease’.

Yes, that is what I have, ‘Chronic Lyme Disease’. This is not a ‘fast-fix’, but will be a long, long process of killing bacteria, detoxing, herxing and healing. Long, as in 6 mths at the shortest and 5 yrs, in worse case scenarios. We’ll see what God has in mind.

The life cycle of Lyme is long, no one really knows just how long. Because when  you attack it with an antibiotic, it will build an immunity to it if used for too long, causing it to go dormant. Then when the ‘attack’ is over, it will become active again. Antibiotic is good, when used within  24 hrs. of a bite. After that the Lyme’s life has begun and a much rigorous action against Lyme should be used.

There are 3 forms Lyme can take on. 2 bacterial forms that are active and symptom producing. The spirochete (a spiral shaped pathogen with an outer cell wall. {Ok, I had to look that one up.}) and the cell wall deficiant form, that does not have a cell wall. The 3rd bacterial form is a cyst, that is completely resistant to anything trying to kill it. And each of these forms are capable of shifting from one form to the other as the environment changes. So if using only 1 type of attack for too long, it will change its form to protect its self. And that is why you need to constantly be changing your method for killing the Lyme.

Lyme live in ‘Colonies’ and in layers, much like an onion. So as you attack and kill, you need to keep attacking and killing, as the layers peel away.

One of my ‘Colonies’ seems to be in my hip. And the little that I have done in beginning this journey, has just made it a lot worse. I am fearing, this is just the beginning of the pain I will have. Since Sat. I have done very little sitting, I can either lay or stand. And that gets discouraging, but I am looking for some methods of pain relief. (Massage or getting another treatment from my Dr.) Right now I am typing while kneeling, that way I can keep my hip straight. (One day I’ll get a laptop, so I can lay and do stuff online. ha ha)

Lyme attacks the immune system and will cause auto-immunity. It mimics many, many other things, like Parkinson’s, depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, candida, and many more. (So when you can’t find a cause of a problem, it can often stem from Lyme.) And because of its ability to mimic so many seemingly unrelated conditions Lyme is also known as ‘the great imitator’. This is a result of the spirochetes capability of infecting each and every major organ in the body.

The huge downside of killing Lyme is the ‘Herx Reaction’. As you kill off the Lyme, your immune system wakes up and realizes there has been an invasion on the body and it goes to work, causing the symptoms to all get much worse. And there are lots of toxic die off and inflammation. The herxing is a good sign, you know that you are killing Lyme.

And this is the part I dread the most. It just doesn’t seem right that I should get sicker, just to get better. The longer you’ve had Lyme,the deeper it is, and the longer the battle. If you go at it slowly and gradually, the herx reactions should not be so rough. And that is what I am hoping I can do. There are people asking if I am starting to get better… No, I am not. And I won’t be for a long while. It has only been the last month that I have realized just how sick I was without realizing it, so others are only now realizing how sick I am.

For this first month or so, I will be doing some body cleanses and trying to build up my immune system, so when we do attack the Lyme I will be able to handle the die-off and hopefully not have real bad herx reactions.

And that is ‘Lyme According to Me’. I know my thoughts and views on this could and probably will change as I continue to learn and experience it myself. A lot of my info comes from Brenda Martin, who has been a great help in walking through this and info I’ve read. A good book to read is ‘Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatment’s ‘, by Bryon Rosner. Another good book just for learning about Lyme from beginning to end is “Cure Unknown” By Pamela Weintraub and a personal story is ” The Widening Circle” by Polly Murray. I started ‘Cure Unknown’ but haven’t had time to read much. Seems I am always finding more places to learn and study from.

Does this all make sense?? If those of you who are more knowledgable in this then I am, see something I gave wrong info on, please tell me. I am learning as much as anyone. Like someone told me, Lyme is a whole new language to learn!! And it is!

(My knees are killing me, so I’ve gotta get off of here.)

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14 Responses to Lyme According to Me

  1. Anna says:

    thanks for taking time to write this all out for all of us…prayin’ for ya!!!

  2. Kris Yoder says:

    Lois – I have been reading your blog lately and my heart goes out to you. I have some info you may be interested in. Email me your email address and/or phone number and I will email you back. My email address is

    I just want you to know that I applaud you in your research and your attempt to heal your family with diet change and natural resources. I have been doing some reading myself and am becoming convicted about America’s very unhealthy environment and eating habits. I’m not where you are at with the whole diet thing but have been doing a lot of thinking and making some changes. You have encouraged and inspired me. Have a blessed day!!

  3. Esther Kingfisher says:

    Hi Lois,
    I’ve been looking for more information on Lyme Disease as I was diagnosed with it once and it came back at least twice since. Thanks for all your great posts!

    • TenderHerb says:

      So glad you stopped by!! Lyme is such a medical mess… and everyone has their own opinions on what a person should do who has it. You just have to research yourself and follow God’s leading for your life and healing. I’d be happy an answer any questions you may have, or at least try to. I don’t have all the answers. The BEST answer I have found yet, is the cleanses done in Sarasota, FL!!

      • Esther Kingfisher says:

        I’d be interested in learning more about the cleanses, especially if they are something that could be done at home too.

  4. Abby says:

    Hi! I hopped over here from Heavenly Homemakers. I’m very interested in your journey with Lyme disease, and can relate somewhat since my mom has Chronic Lyme and has been fighting it for the last 8 years. She believes that she’s actually been sick with it since before I was born (30 years ago!) so it’s likely that I have it too (as well as my siblings), but it hasn’t manifested in clear-cut, obvious symptoms for me yet. But since I know there’s a chance that I will be struggling with it eventually, I’m taking steps to cook and eat healthier, for myself and my family (since my kiddos could have it too!) We still eat some gluten, sugar, and yeast foods, but we’ve cut down a lot compared to what we used to eat.

    Anyway…I’ll be sharing your blog with my mom and I look forward to following along on your journey! It’s good to know that God is faithful and He’ll guide us on these less-traveled health paths!

    • TenderHerb says:

      I’m so glad you hopped over and let me know.:) Hope you can find some useful info. Seems there is so much to learn about Lyme, and so many different things that have helped people. There is not a cut and dry road to health and healing. (As much as I wish there was!!) Praying you don’t get sick from Lyme, and that you can start treating it now, even in small ways of getting your immune system built up. I would never have guessed Lyme for myself, as my little bit of symptoms would not have pointed me to that at all. It just takes baby steps, do it as you can and don’t be hard on yourself. God will direct as we seek His plan and will for our health and wellness. Blessings to you and your Mom!!

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