Just an Update…

I have felt for the past month and some, that the purpose for my blog was changed. And I wasn’t sure where I was to go. My original goal of going to Whole Foods was drastically changed. And my whole focus in life was shifted. So I felt a bit loss, now it feels like I have a purpose again.

I have been encouraged by a number of different people now, to chronicle my journey with Lyme. Not only for their benefit, but also for my own. I will better remember what I did, how I felt, what worked and what didn’t. And I want to record what I am changing and why. I often look at my cupboards and wonder what I used to fill them with. It has become such a part of me, that I forget what I used to do.

I know many may and will not understand or even agree with what all I post and plan to post on here. I am not out to pick fights. I am just sharing the journey we are taking, all the things we are learning, by reading. Lots of reading!! The more I read, the better the truth stands out. We have been brainwashed in many, many ways in our culture and we just blindly follow and never question what we are told.

The truth is often covered up by the government, people are told to be silent (and aren’t), they have been laid off of positions where they have a high-ranking, power to say the truth, job.

 As I share, I would encourage you to have an open mind. I know it took me a while to see everything clearly. But the more I read, the more I know and understand the dangers from the things we eat and the things we allow the Medical Fields to do to us – shots, drugs and unnecessary tests. And I am NOT saying I don’t trust MD’s, or won’t use them. I will if the need arises. They do have their place!!

And I’m sure things will be incomplete, I’m sure there will be things missed or misrepresented. I will do my best to share honestly and with a rounded point on things. And I’m sure as I continue to learn and study, my own ideas may and probably will change. This whole journey is just that!! A journey, one of learning and growing, it’s slow and sometimes painful. But it’s the only way to learn!

I plan to share the steps I am taking in my ‘Lyme Battle’. I will not claim to be doing it perfectly. But I am going to do it the best I can with the knowledge I have, and the help of my Doc and friends who have been down this road. Along with the resources I read, we are going to take it one step at a time. With Lyme there is no clear-cut formula that works for everyone. It’s a kind of ‘feel your way through it and see how you respond’ protocol in the Lyme world, sadly.

And I don’t know how well I will be able to keep up. I have to be so careful in how much I sit, it just causes the inflammation in my hip to act up really fast. So often I am at the computer in short spurts, or kneeling, which is not so comfortable! It gets frustrating when you get tired and need to rest, because you are wore out from standing and all you can do is lay down. But I am learning…

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