Just Blessed

-This past week, I had 4-5 days of awesome energy and of just plain feeling good!! (Accept for my pulled shoulder and neck muscles.) I had a different treatment on Wed., of pure oxygen for 4 minutes and a vibrating shake the whole time, to loosen and waken the lymph system and whatever else. It sure worked. (Being I don’t have much energy, I don’t breathe hard, so my cells lack oxygen. I am trying to teach my self to breath deeply now and then.)

-I have a younger sister that willingly comes each week to clean my very messy home. And she will baby-sit on the spur of the moment and does an awesome job!! (She is so much like me, it’s almost scary.)

-My boys have ridden out the worst of the food diet changes very bravely. Although Collin keeps saying, ‘When we can have sugar again…’ They love their veggies and kefir smoothies.

-We have an awesome support team, from our church family. If it would not have been for them, their willingness to care and their trying to understand, our road would be much rougher.

-I have a husband who supports me. Even when it’s not so easy, like not being able to eat the foods he really would like to-cho. milk, b-b-que sauce, cookies… etc. He does his best to not eat things we can’t eat, in front of us. He helps me so much around the house and takes the boys with him whenever he can.

-I am blessed when I receive a box in the mail, from ‘Amazon’. Upon opening it, I find 3 cookbooks I had been looking at, on Amazon, and had even placed them in my cart. But knew I hadn’t put the order through. Then I seen the note, a friend had ordered them and had them sent to me!!! I am still amazed by it all… God is SO GOOD!!

– I am blessed that I am not as seriously sick as others with this same disease. Andrea has Lyme and is pretty much bed-ridden, has been having seizures and is in pain almost all the time. I wonder, why do I even complain?!?!

-The blessing of cards and notes from friends who let me know they are supporting me and praying for us as we embark on this journey. And having near-by friends who listen and care. You all don’t know how much it means to me!!

-And I am SO thankful for a God who is carrying me through these rough waters. And for reminding me I ‘Have so many blessings, undeserving…’

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2 Responses to Just Blessed

  1. Bev says:

    Just to let ya know I still read here and I love ya! 🙂

  2. Anna says:

    Isn’t it amazing how blessed we really are?! Even in the hard times… Like Mom always says- there is always someone who is worse off then yourself if you just look:) Feels like I haven’t talked to you in a long while!! But still thinking about you lots & prayin’ for ya! Hope the butchering goes good today!!

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