We STILL Eat!!

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…and eat and eat and eat and… well, you get the point!! And why not?? When you eat good healthy food, it is easily digested and moves through your stomach much faster then when you put a bunch of sugar-ladened processed food in there that your body has a very hard time absorbing. So we eat our 3 main meals and lots of snacks!!

We are still being asked ‘What do you eat?’ And ‘Is it helping?’ ‘Do you see any changes?’ etc. I was gonna answer them all in this post, but it’s become too long, (and I don’t like LONG posts) so I’ll save the rest for tomorrow. And in short, yes, we are seeing changes, I’ll go down that line tomorrow, maybe, if I have time…

What do we eat?? You know the other day I was trying to think of all the foods we used to eat and what all I used to stock my cupboards with and I was actually having a hard time remembering. I can tell you one thing, grocery shopping is very simple!!! Most of the time my cart is 75% veggies/fruits and the other 25% is Almond Milk, and a few gluten-free items. Oh, and rice!!! (Our potatoes did really well, this year, so we won’t have to buy them for a long while. And we raise our own meat! So before you think us vegetarians- DON’T!!!)

We love our meat!!! Namely, Delvyn, Jevan and Rylen!!! Collin does, but he has a hard time chewing meat, because his bite is messed up. I raised and butchered 30 chickens this spring. At the time I wasn’t sure why I was raising so many, now I know. And we have a hog to butcher some time soon as well.

Potatoes are also high on the favorites list. (There was a misunderstanding, potatoes ARE NOT something a person with yeast should be eating!!! So we greatly limit our potato eating now!!) Although, I’m not sure why they don’t eat it so good when away from home. Our favorite way is diced with a whole onion, some butter or olive oil, rosemary and whatever other herbs and spices I feel like adding at the time, and bake for 1+ hours. And to say they LOVE Sweet Potatoes would be an understatement!! It’s like a dessert to them. Just don’t serve them fried. I bake ’til very soft, then put in food processor, adding 1 egg, nutmeg, and cinnamon. And bake a half hr or so. Here’s a link to the recipe.

Brown rice is often seen at our table too. Actually, most meals are every other one, rice then potatoes. And yes, sometimes our meals do seem a bit repetitive. But I try to make the flavors vary greatly. I like adding rice to soups too.

We eat lots of raw veggies. ‘Though that has slowed down some. The boys ‘inhale’ the cucs as fast as I cut them up. And they love red & green bell peppers too.

As for the ‘snack part’, it’s veggies and nuts mostly. They like the ‘NutThin’s’ I found that are gluten-free. But at $2 a box, I try to limit the amount they eat. We had been eating lots of rice cakes, but they got tired of them and they don’t have much for nutritional value, not to mention, they don’t do anything to fill them up. And the newest hit is pickles. They ate 3 pints for lunch on Sunday, (along with the other stuff I made!!).

The eggs are the hottest item on the menu, being served for breakfast 3-5 times a week. And eating between 8-12 at a time, we average 3-4 dz a week. Our local K.T. had them for .79 a dz,  so it made for a very cheap meal!!! We also eat cream of rice and a corn mush type of hot breakfasts, sweetened with a touch of maple syrup. And we love the Soaked Version of Pancakes I had made last week.

Beans are eaten on a limited basis. Just because it’s not a huge hit! (Maybe more on my part, I have 4 males in this house!!) But we do like it in soups or on top of rice.

We can’t eat tomatoes, and it’s really missed!!! Tomatoes are in so much stuff!! It cuts out B-B-Qued meats, taco stuff, etc. I do cheat on our Sat. night pizza, which we just could not give up. I do make it gluten-free, and use a Mock Tomato Sauce I made, mixed with a bit of pizza sauce for better flavor.

As I’ve mentioned before we love our Kefir Smoothies. And the 3 berries we eat, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I do mix in a few other fruits now and then as a treat and to mix it up.

Sunday night we had a birthday party for Jevan with some friends. I wanted to make it all foods we could eat. So I make a gluten-free cake with Coconut Icing, without sugar (agave nectar) and ice cream with maple syrup. Along with popcorn, meat and cheese and veggies. Believe me, the boys pigged out. And yes, Collin is suffering the consequences. So I know we are on the right track of no sugar, for the yeast!! He even admitted to me in the morning, that his belly hurt when he was eating all the natural sugars. So he is learning.

I know it looks like we really don’t eat a big variety of foods, and we really don’t. I probably missed some things we do eat. This is by no means a comprehensive list!! Just the basics we eat. And I try not to think about the things we miss. I don’t miss the pasta much, I could buy GF stuff, but it’s expensive. But we do miss the breads. I might try Spelt Flour, as it’s very low gluten. And then do sour dough and soaked versions of the recipes, so it will be partially broken down (predigested).

I feel like saying, ‘Any more questions??’ As I so many people question what we are doing. But I am seeing good results, I read good things about being on such a diet and so I will follow my heart in what I am doing.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the boys and I are taking nutritional supplements as well right now. The boys love theirs, it’s Chocolate flavored and so it’s their ‘Chocolate Milk’. It is supposedly really good for getting rid of yeast as well. It’s from Reliv, for those that are familiar with it.

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5 Responses to We STILL Eat!!

  1. Dorothy Mullet says:

    Hi Lois
    Keep up the good work. I know it can’t be easy but you know what is best for your family. I admire anyone who can make changes like that. You have given me some good ideas. I am very interested in what you are doing. So even tho I don’t comment very often I read it all with real interest. Thanks for sharing. -Dorothy Mullet

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