Seeds of Deception

I watched this video this afternoon, Hidden Dangers In Kids Meals, it’s a real eye opener. Now I wanna read Seed’s Of Deception, by Jeffery M. Smith

Here are links to the video on YouTube. I only linked the first part, so you’ll have to keep following the parts to get the whole video. The 2nd one is the best one.

Why remove Genetically Engineered Foods From Schools?

The Health Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods

Here is a link to another video on his website. I have not listened to it all, it may be somewhat of a repeat to the others, but I am going to watch it when I have time. The part I did start is different. I would say it’s an update of the other video’s.

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW
about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Here are some excerpts from his talk.

‘Food related illnesses doubled in the United States between 1994 & 2001, this is while a lot of new genetically modified products were being introduced.’

‘The most common result of genetic modification is -surprise- surprises!!!’

GM (Genetically Modified) makers/scientist have said, ‘We know of no difference in foods.’ (In other words no difference in GM versus the other.) Data doesn’t support this. There are unintended side effects. -Allergies -Toxins -Antibiotic Resistant Diseases -Nutritional Problems.

David Suzuki said, ‘If a Politian or Scientist tells you GM foods are safe, he’s either stupid or he’s lying’.

(This is all another reason we changed our diet. I was heading in this direction anyway, Lyme just pushed me there a whole lot faster!!)

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