The Good Side

Here is the continuation of Wed. post on what we eat.

*Mental note: Don’t ever again make a promise that you know you probably won’t keep. Having the weight of knowing you aren’t doing what you said you would, is really annoying and buggy!! Although I know you all would give me grace. I went shopping twice yesterday. And it plum did me in. But my mom left and didn’t have time to do it, and it needed to be done. Tomorrow we are butchering 6 pigs here. So there’s lots of work to do.

Tues. Mom went with me to my Chiropractor, and since we have over an hour one way, it gives plenty of time for talking. I was sharing some of the changes the boys have made, but not really putting two and two together. Until it all at once ‘clicked’, this stuff has happened since our diet change.

Collin in the past 2-3 weeks has made huge leaps in wanting to learn, trying to learn and being willing to learn. He is the one we have seen the most changes in, by far!! He is trying to learn how to tell time, something he had never thought of before. He WANTS me to read stories to him and he listens with rapt attention. Whereas before, he really could have cared less about me reading to him. So, no, I didn’t do a lot of it. Now I realize he is making up for lost time and would listen ‘til I couldn’t talk anymore.

He very quickly picked up his colors. Remember I had blogged how I was struggling to teach him his colors, now it’s like the lights came on!!

Numbers oh, numbers, how he loveth thee!! He has known how to count for a while, to 10. But never could grasp that 3 cows (items) goes with the number 3. Or that you could count ‘4’ fingers. Nothing could get it in his head. If you asked how many 5 was, he would put up whatever amount of fingers he felt like. Now he is counting eggs, forks and spoons, cows and tractors. And comes running to ask me ‘how many this is?’ as he holds up 8 fingers. I’ll tell him ‘8’ and he say’s ‘That’s how many tractors I have’.

It’s like he has become a giant sponge and he just can’t soak in enough new information. So I am trying to make it more priority and spend time teaching him, in some constructive way. I was planning to this winter anyway, so we’ll just take it one day at a time and see how I feel.

And he seems to take things in stride much better then before. Just like it happened the last time we took him off of milk.

And before you think, it’s just a stage he hit… I really don’t think so. ‘Though I am sure it is part of it, I know it is NOT all of it. Last winter, I was working on teaching him his letters. By the time we got to ‘E’, his brain was full and I couldn’t stuff anything else in. Over the summer, we would review and he was able to spot those letters on signs. He was thirsty, but didn’t seem ready for more constructive learning.

Jevan ‘That Child’ I can’t say I can see huge changes in him. Although his vocabulary has great increased, almost by leaps and bounds. He has many, many words in one day!! And he finally is starting to call Rylen by name and not just ‘baby’. He is mostly potty-trained. Although he has a very unique way of telling me, ‘I need diaper, mom’. It took right at a month to do. I was determined by his 3rd B-day, he was gonna be mostly done. And he was too. He turned 3 on Monday.

I have seen a difference in Rylen. I have noticed that if he eats fruit with a high sugar content, he will promptly get a yeast/rash. And a very painful one too. So I try to keep him far away from fruit. Otherwise he is just my nixy ’catch-me-if-you-can’ little boy.

For me, I’ve learned sweets hurt my stomach. And I will get a stomach ache from eating gluten stuff. So I just pretty much stay away from it all. I know it’s ‘good’, but the pain sure isn’t worth it. I think my boys will learn that too. Collin told me after Jevan’s birthday party that he had a belly ache. So they will connect the dots soon enough.

We all sleep like never before!! The boys use to all get up 2-4 times a night. Now one might cry out, but we rarely have to go over to them. And I sleep so soundly, it feels awesome!! I use to have trouble falling asleep too, but now, it’s almost a light bulb!! I even beat Delvyn now and then, and that was unheard of before. I think it does have some to do with my Thyroid support I am taking too.

Delvyn may not like me sharing his side, but I think I will anyway. Even though he is not following the diet 100%, he is enough that he feels it when he eats a bunch of ‘junk food’-chocolate milk, burger, pop or such, even baked goods. He will say he feels it in his stomach, and that it hurts. Stuff just sits in the stomach and is heavy, like it’s having a hard time digesting it. Interesting, eh?

I’ve had people question our lack of energy, my energy, mostly. And most did not realize I was lacking energy long before all this came up. It has nothing to do with the foods we eat or the ‘lack of it’. I’d say I feel better on the whole foods diet, then I did before. It’s just that now, my energy is being channeled into fighting the lyme in my body. I know the Thyroid Support is helping greatly in my energy levels as well.

And the boys have boundless energy!!! Just come live here for a day… the noise will drive you right back out the door. The racing in the hall, the loud animal noises, the fights and more. NOTHING is done quietly. They are boys!!

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2 Responses to The Good Side

  1. Anna says:

    I loved reading this post and getting another little peak into your life:) Its so awesome that you are already seeing changes in the kids!! (and yourself!)

  2. Marilyn says:

    Guess if I’d keep up with reading your blog I’d seen that your boys are doing much better since the diet change. 🙂 Glad it’s working and you’re seeing results in the boys, that’s very encouraging. Hope today didn’t wear you out too much, and have a great weekend!

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