Preschool Treasure Hunt

Last night we had a ‘Treasure Hunt’ again. And this time Jevan got in on the fun. Although he still wasn’t too sure about it all.

I had this ‘hair-brain’, brain-storm last winter. Collin kept begging to ‘do a treasure hunt’. And I didn’t feel like writing out stuff and then having to follow him to help him ‘read’ them.

So I cut pictures out of magazine’s of places to hide things. I kept it basic and simple for now. You could make it more complicated if you want.


Then I tape them or hide them some how in the appropriate spot, with the ‘Prize’ at the end. Which they think has to be candy or it is not a treasure hunt!! Oh, and the more you tape them, the better they will withstand all the wear. The smaller ones are getting a nice layer of protection around them!!

Then turn ’em loose. (And listen to them whine about not being able to find it, after only ‘looking’ 10 seconds. Or complain that the other one found more, or it’s dark, or whatever else they come up with!!)


Yes, he’s only in his underwear, we are in the finishing stages of potty-training!!

And you often get at least 15 min. of uninterrupted ‘Mom time’!!! (As long as they aren’t whining too badly!!)

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