Just Thought You Should Know

Here are some links and posts I bumped into this week and thought some of you might be interested in… read what ya want and leave the rest. Some are food for thought, others amusing and others just info.

I was very, very happy to find this blog, Simply Sugar & Gluten Free. I had been looking for a sugar-free, gluten-free blog somewhere!! And finally landed on one. So many of the gluten-free blogs still have the sugar in the foods, making it hard to use the recipes and ideas.

Raw Foods ‘Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days’– I just found this site for Raw Foods, I’ve not researched much into this site, but I’ve researched enough about raw and whole foods to know it’s very likely for something like this -Reversing Diabetes- to happen. As stated in the video, ‘We are what we eat.’ And I’ve been experiencing just that, as I eat whole, unprocessed foods. I realize how I feel after eating a few bites of something processed or full of sugar, etc. It just sits on my stomach and makes me feel ‘Yuck’!! The longer I am off of the gluten & sugar, the more I can sense what my body likes and doesn’t like. Do your own research into this whole diabetes and wellness.

Ya ever think of making your own diapers?? I sure am thinking next time we are blessed with a baby, I’m gonna go the cloth diaper route. Here is a post with some good links and how-to’s Sew Momma Sew.  Oh, they have lots of other good ideas for making gifts as well.

I had a friend ask me about online scrapping, I had seen some spots in a magazine a while ago and had checked them out. I really liked what I saw. But I could not remember where they were or what they were called. So I literally spent parts of 3 days going through my stacks of ‘free’ magazines looking for it. I found it this morning!! (If I’d have known which magazine it was in, I’d have looked there first!! Smile) Anyway, here they are (and if I blog them, I’ll have them for later!!) Scrapblog and Cropmom. I had been using Mixbook, but think I like these better. I never did get a book printed off of Mixbook. Edited to add: I don’t know if I do like the others more then Mixbook. On Mixbook, you can download your own papers and embelishments, and do more it with the picture. Such as cropping creatively.

And I found this site where they email you stuff for scrapping, one piece a day. If I don’t like it, I just trash it. Or save it to download when I have time. It’s much cheaper that way!!

And I can’t go without posting a link on Lyme. {Smile} I found this forum, and when I get started it’s hard to get out!!! It is hosted by the Author of Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments, Bryon Rosner. And there are many, many there who are fighting Lyme.

Another book to read is ‘Cure Unknown’. I have only started it, and it’s thick. But it’s got a lot of info in it as well.

As I find out more about Lyme and the mess the medical field has made of it, it makes it so hard to know what to do. The article I linked to in my test results post, is no longer online. (Taken off because of the info it contained.)

I had seen a blog post that made me smile, but now I can’t find it… she had posted a picture of a desk and a note. The note read, ‘Hi-jacked!! Until the house is cleaned up.’ Yep, her husband took her desk top. It spoke to me, it is to easy to spend time on here. For me I am doing a lot of research, for you it maybe something else. But I need to keep my priorities in order as well!!!

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3 Responses to Just Thought You Should Know

  1. Nita says:

    Great post Lois!

  2. Brenda says:

    I was hoping you had printed a book from Mixbook and then I could see what they look like:) Was debating doing this with my pictures since I don’t scrapbook….

    • TenderHerb says:

      Hey, my cousin used Mixbook, that was how I learned of it… And she got a book, and as far as I know was happy with it. So that is why I was gonna try it… so sorry, I can’t help ya more.

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