Visit with the Doc

I had a very encouraging visit with my Doc this morning (ok, I wrote this yesterday, but just now am getting it posted.). Every time I am ready to say, “I am through with him”, something happens to build my trust in him again.

Yeah, I know, right now I don’t have much faith in MD’s, and it carries over to my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). I know MD’s have their place and it’s not that I won’t use them, I have just had a bad run in with Doctor’s over the past 7 yrs. (Except for my Midwife, I love her!!)

  • I don’t know how many of you know that I went to a MD in Aug. for my thyroid, though I didn’t know it at the time. She didn’t think it was that, but ordered a whole bunch of tests. They all came back ‘Normal’. When I seen my DC for the first time, he looked over those MD test results and said, ‘She called these ‘Normal’??’ A normal thyroid function should be around 2.6, my test result was .8. He also could see, just by looking at me, that my thyroid was all swollen. (You can read more about my first visit here.)

He had also took a prick of blood, and seen all the yeast and fungus in there. Why didn’t anyone see that years ago?? Yes, it’s been there for a long time!! I wish we could just have good ol’ fashion country doctor’s back!!

  • My sister did help me to understand why no one would have seen the yeast/fungus… When blood work is sent to labs, the technicians are trained to look for ‘their disease’, or whatever. So if they are only looking for one thing. And if there is something else in there, they won’t even know what it is, because it is ‘out of their department’. So many problems will ‘slip through the cracks’ because of this, unless it is specifically requested. Aggravating!

Anyway, back to today’s visit…

He took another prick of blood to see what the yeast/fungus was looking like. (And this time we had no drama!! The first time it started clotting, so the nurse was really pushing and trying to get more out. When it suddenly shot out!! Splattering all over my blouse and her and the bed. We were quite amused!!) We were pleased to find out that the levels of yeast and fungus were dramatically down. So no more taking CandiBactin. It made my stomach hurt for 2 hrs after I took it, which was 3x a day with meals. (Gotta finish the bottle of about 4 more times yet.)

So now we know too, the sugar-gluten free diet is helping as well. It makes all seem so much more worth while!!

The Dr. also noticed there is a lot of ‘junk’ in the blood stream. And he said that is a very good sign!! My tissues are being cleaned out and are putting the debris and junk into the blood stream to be cleaned out by the liver. And then sent out of my body. Aren’t our bodies so amazingly designed??!!?!??!?!!!!!!

This first month I have been just building up my immune system, eating healthy and taking lots of thyroid support. Along with the CandiBactin. The last 2 wks I did a Bowel Detox. Yes, I’m going to say it on here, even though you may cringe. It is a nasty part of living, but without it, we would be dead!! All the unhealthy junk food or otherwise known as processed foods -refined sugar, white flours, and overly preserved food, etc, they have a hard time being assimilated by the body. And they have a very hard time moving through a digestive system. The white flours gum up and stick to the side walls of intestines and colon… so it causes build ups. And ultimately sickness, be it a flu, or something more serious like Cancer.

So cleansing/detoxing your bowel system should be an important step to wellness. As is facilitates the cleansing of toxins so much better. Which is even a more important reason for me to have done it. Even though cleansing your body of the toxins in the build up may be not fun. In other words, it was a bit rough week last week.

But that is when I love ‘Activated Charcoal’. He has become one of my ‘best friends’ right now. He does a wonderful job of mopping up toxins and impurities in my body.

Oh, my Doc did tell me it’s time to start attacking the Lyme… That my body is ready. I’m scared and excited… But I’ll write more on that later. Maybe I’ll post what all pills I am taking and why. It seems I am hardly taking any right now. Last week doing that cleanse I was to be taking 10 pills 5x a day. But I couldn’t do it, it was making me sick, so it was more like 10 pills 4x a day. Sometimes you just gag them down!! Herbal tinctures are a great way to do it too.

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2 Responses to Visit with the Doc

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for the update:) Amazing that you get to tackle the Lyme already!! So glad that it didn’t take as long as you originally thought it might! I’ll be praying extra hard in the next few weeks/months as you hit the hard part:( *hugs* to you today!!

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