Where Does Time Go??

Wow, I knew it had been a while since I have posted, but then I looked at the last post’s date -Nov. 19th!! And here it is Dec. 7th. I will hasten to say, I wasn’t posting because I didn’t feel like it. It was because I couldn’t get online for part of that time. And it seems that when you can’t do something, that that is when you have all the great brainstorming blog posts that you can’t do anything about!! So I did think of you all… just didn’t get said.

We are enjoying our first snow fall!!! I simply love it. And the boys go out everyday. And I wash coat, snowpants and gloves about everyday!!! Being boys they just don’t stay out of the barn and with bulky clothes, I don’t expect them to stay very clean.

I have been making it priority to do some ‘School’ with Collin each day. He is quite the challenge!! Why do it the way Mom says if it works another?? If there is a train pictured, the whole thing needs to be colored, not just the circles!! I like using crayons, so why then do I need to use a pencil. Besides, the crayons are prettier and I can use all different colors. If the flower in the center caught my eye first, we start there, not at the top of the page. Why do I have to color everything the same color, that’s boring! (When we are learning colors, which he knows 90% of the time.) And drawing a whole bunch of straight lines is just plain DUMB!! If I can’t follow every. single. dot. then I get discouraged and just want to quit. But I am learning, whether I think so or not. I only want to do it when I am bored. If there is something more interesting going on in the barn, then that’s where you will find me. School is only for when I have nothing better to do. But Mom says that will change when she feels better more often then not feeling better.

Jevan is 100% potty trained!!! And I am so happy about that. It really didn’t take too long and was fairly easy-once he got the idea. (The cool showers sure helped get that point across.) Although every now and then he will pipe up, ‘I need a diaper’. (That was how he used to tell me when he had to go ‘pee’. ‘I need a diaper, Mom’. Then I knew it was time to run for the bathroom, not the diaper stacker.)

Today he dribbled on his underwear and pants a bit. And he wanted clean, dry stuff. I kinda forgot about it then and later heard him bouncing around in his room, and it hit me that he had been working on taking the wet stuff off earlier. So I asked him, ‘Jevan, do you have underwear on??’ He nonchalantly says, ‘I did!’

I am finding the thought of Christmas challenging… Collin remembers making ‘Christmas Cookies’ and doing a fun day of decorating with friends. So he thinks we just have to do it this year. Last year during our ‘Baking Day’, I made the comment that we ‘may not do this next year’. Little did I know the full extent of that comment, and just how true it would be!! Last year we were making steps towards less sugar and processed flours and I didn’t know where we would be by this year…

I am trying to come up with some things to make that will still make the Holiday’s feel special and fun!! I think I am going to do a ‘baking day’ with some friends/family. At least do a few things. Guess it will depend what all I find to do, or what I can figure out to modify. (Any one got any ideas for doing ‘Muddy Buddies’. Since it is rice cereal, we can eat that… though I think there is some sugar in there too. But like I said, I am going to do a few things, make a few treats. I just don’t want to coat them with the powdered sugar. I did see an idea to coat them with chocolate, maybe I could try making my own with carob powder, or just do dark chocolate.)

If anyone has any ideas, send them my way… I would love to make it special for the boys. And so they don’t always feel like they are missing out.

Last week I was up to my Dr. again. Nothing new has really turned up. Just a routine check and pain reliever. He does a cold laser therapy on my hip where the lymph’s are so backed up and painful. Also it’s where my muscle is shrinking, so it’s never pain free very long. Although with I’ve learned many pain management techniques. Like not sitting very long, and not sitting on hard church benches. That is the hardest… not sure why it is, but those benches cause pain fast. So we end up skipping Sunday School, just so I can hopefully sit through the message.

I still feel like I am often out of the loop. I really don’t care a whole lot for socializing. And I am perfectly happy to spend the majority of my week in my house. And yes, there are weeks that I don’t leave but once maybe twice. One week it was Sunday to Sunday!! And, yes, I was perfectly happy and content. If it would not have been for Sunday, I’ve never left then yet.

It is frustrating to me. As it’s not who I am. And I know others find it frustrating as well. I just feel the urge to be a hermit. Even though I am feeling much better, as far as energy, I am happy to channel it into the things that need done here at home.  (Like work that has gotten shoved to the side for the past year. A house that was never properly spring cleaned. Don’t look, there are windows that have not been cleaned for a year and a half. gasp And it’s one I look out everyday!! Yes, it bugs me!)

My hubby does a great job at getting me out though… the other night I would have loved to stay home. But I went to volleyball. And I did enjoy it. I just didn’t play. Sunday evening I actually went to Hymn Sing and had a grand time!!! I actually sang without getting winded for once. And later during snacks, my sis cousin and I had a grand time of laughter and giggles. Oh, it felt almost normal again. Dare I hope that normal is coming back?? Even if it’s only in spurts and sputters.

I started my ‘Lymogen’ last week. I haven’t noticed any ‘herx reactions’. So I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad sign. Although I did have a couple of days of nasty headaches. And my itchy rash/bumps are coming back. So I’m guessing I will be going back on the Candi/bactin next time I go up to the Dr. And if so, it means feeling sick again.

Wow… where did all this come from?? Guess it was time to ‘de-junk my brain’ as I call it. There are nights I can’t sleep and I know I’ve gotta just go write and ‘de-junk’. Then I can sleep. My hubby is back home from a meeting, so I shall stop. I couldn’t really think of anything important to write anymore anyway. And you all are probably bored by now anyway. So ‘good-night’.

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  1. Nita says:

    Awesome post, Lois! 🙂

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